Xiaomi Mi A3: How to fix Bluetooth Problems

xiaomi-a3-bluetoothThe problems with the Bluetooth connection have been present in Xiaomi for several years, previously we saw these same problems in the Mi A2 and now in its latest version we find some similar ones. Bluetooth technology is essential for many and that is why we show you some solutions to be able to use it again normally in our Xiaomi Mi A3.

These failures with the Bluetooth connection may appear at various times, either listening to music through a speaker, sharing files or using the hands-free of our car. Be that as it may, the solutions that we present to you should be able to allow you to use them like any other smartphone, without loss of signal or unexpected disconnections.

Bluetooth does not connect or disconnect constantly

One of the most repeated errors has to do with the connection of new devices, which for various reasons may be preventing our connection through the Xiaomi Mi A3 . To solve it we must look at several devices, which include the reference device or others that we have within the range of action, since it may be that we have connected the speaker, for example to a mobile that is already connected.

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From our mobile we can deactivate the Bluetooth connection and reconnect it, as well as eliminate synchronization with this device to try again later looking for a better result. In case we are trying to connect to another smartphone it is very likely that we have to activate visibility, a system that prevents other mobiles from seeing ours without us activating this function. This can be done within the Bluetooth settings, just by touching the visibility button.

Reset Bluetooth settings and do not limit battery saving

Just as we can format our mobile phone in more serious circumstances or problems, we can also delete only the modified data on the Bluetooth of the Xiaomi Mi A3. To do this we have to go to Settings> System> Reset network settings and Bluetooth. Making our Bluetooth return to its original state and having to re-pair the devices that used to give us problems.

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We can also go to the Settings> Battery section and modify the type of restrictions that are being carried out, since it could be the case that our Bluetooth enters energy saving mode and that is why we constantly lose the connection.

After having checked all these steps, we can only verify that all the updates are up to date and if so, continuing with the Bluetooth connection failures, we can only try another mobile. It is likely that the fault is in the speaker or in the hands-free and therefore our Xiaomi Mi A3 is not causing the problems.