How to Mute the DualSense Microphone on PS5 Forever

One of the novelties of the DualSense, the PlayStation 5 controller, is that it incorporates a new microphone integrated into its body with which it can speak directly with other users without using an extra headset. It is something quite striking that in many cases facilitates the possibility of using chat rooms, however, it has a problem.

Why is the DualSense microphone always on?

Mute the DualSense Microphone

The problem with this microphone is that, by default, every time we turn on the console the remote control microphone is activated, and most users forget this. As you are sure you know, many of today’s multiplayer games feature waiting rooms where players gather before starting to play, so having a microphone turned on will allow others not to hear.

These waiting rooms use the microphones of the players to allow them to speak and exchange opinions before the game, the problem is that with PlayStation 5 there are many cases in which the players did not know that they were being heard. And all because of the DualSense microphone, which turns on by itself.

How to know if the microphone of PS5 is activated?

To know if the microphone of the DualSense remote is active, you just have to take a look at the remote. If the microphone button is lit in orange, it means that it is deactivated, however, if it is off the microphone will be picking up the sounds that reach it. This is its natural state. The moment we turn on the console, the remote will turn on the microphone and the light will remain off at all times, so whenever we enter chat rooms, the rest of the users will be able to hear us immediately.

This is something really annoying, not only for privacy, but because chat rooms get rid of background noises and continuous startles because the player on the other side of the microphone does not know that they are listening.

How do you mute the microphone?

The easiest way to do this is by pressing the microphone mute button. You will find it under the PlayStation button on the DualSense, and it will be the closest shortcut to activate and deactivate the microphone whenever you need it. When you press it, it will turn orange, and that means it is muted. One more press, and you will turn it on again, turning the light off.

But the problem is that the microphone will start again when you turn on the console again or, rather, when you log in again, so this will not prevent you from finding it on again when you least expect it. But luckily, there is a way to control this.

Disable the microphone on PlayStation 5 forever

To prevent the console from activating the microphone again each time you log in, you will only have to access the console’s configuration menu and deactivate the option indicated below:

  • Access the configuration panel

PS5 microfono

  • Enter the Sound settings

PS5 microfono

  • Select Microphone

PS5 microfono

  • Go to the Microphone Status option when you log in

PS5 microfono

  • Select the Mute option

In this way, the microphone will always start silently when you turn on the console, so that you will not have to hit the mute button again unless you want to activate it again to play with friends. No more unwanted chatter!

What happens if we press and hold the microphone mute button?

Another hidden function that is hidden with the microphone mute button is related to the action of holding it down for a few seconds. This shortcut will be in charge of silencing the microphone and the audio output of the console, so it will also be used to silence the TV. As you do so, the button will begin to flash orange, and you only have to press it again to return to normal.