How to Make Android Read the Website Content

Google continues to bet on improving its entire ecosystem. For many years now, the web search engine is getting its applications to also be aimed at those users who may have more difficulties when using them. For this reason, Google has introduced, through Google Go , a function that is perfect for people with problems: how to make Android read the websites you visit.

Google Go Reads
Google Go Reads

Google Go, the key

As we said in the first paragraph, the main point for you to activate the reading of websites is to download Google Go . This application was launched at the end of August 2019 to save on the data rate when searching for information; However, it also introduces some new developments.

Therefore, the first thing you should do is download the application . You can do it from the following product sheet.

Once you have it downloaded and installed, open it without fear. Its operation is almost identical to that of the general Google application. Therefore, look for the website you want me to read , go into an article and look closely at the bottom.

The “ Play ” symbol indicates if your mobile phone, as well as the portal, is suitable for reading. Click on it and let Google Go do the rest.

As of now, Google Go gives three options for reading: backward, pause or advance . No explanation is necessary, beyond that you can increase or decrease the reading speed and pause / restart playback.

As an additional detail, reading web pages on Google Go also works when the mobile phone is locked . This means that we can listen to the playback just as if it were a Spotify song or any music player (even WhatsApp voice notes also allow this). A simple function, but to which much can be taken advantage of.