How to Know if Someone Has Blocked You on WhatsApp

You are talking to a person, there is a discussion and suddenly disappears from the map. A lifelong friend, former co-worker, ex ...Have you blocked me on WhatsApp? ... You wonder. Surely this idea has crossed your mind on more than one occasion, right? Do not worry, after all, let the first stone be cast that is free from sin.

Since social networks and instant messaging services are in our lives, one of the most requested issues is to see who stops following us or to know if they have blocked us on WhatsApp.

if someone blocked you on WhatsApp
if someone blocked you on WhatsApp

How to know if someone blocked you on WhatsApp and doesn't want to hear from you?

In some cases you can see through external applications, such as Twitter or Instagram , who stops following you, but ...

What happens to WhatsApp? Can I know who has blocked me? Let's find out.

Unlike these services, WhatsApp does not have a magic tool that helps you see who has blocked you (and those that are of doubtful quality), for that reason, today we are going to tell you how to know who has blocked you on WhatsApp without using "unreliable" applications.

Here are the verification methods to know if they have you or not blocked. Let's start with the official explanation, and expand on it. Also keep in mind that all these explanations are universal. They serve both for Android, iPhone ... it doesn't matter if you have a Samsung Galaxy, a Huawei ... because the methods will see the same.

How to know if someone has blocked you on WhatsApp: the official explanation

If we go to the WhatsApp user support page, we discover that there are these indicators that point to a possible block:

  • Indicator 1: You cannot see the user’s last connection time on their chat screen or the warning at the top that indicates that the contact is online does not appear at any time
  • Indicator 2: You do not see changes in the profile picture
  • Indicator 3: Any message sent to the contact that has blocked you will be shown only with a tick or popcorn. The second tick that is the message literally sent to your smartphone will never be displayed.
  • Indicator 4: The voice calls you are trying to make cannot be made

Unfortunately, WhatsApp does not give more explanations, but we can expand some of these points and even add a new one.

The person who has blocked you on WhatsApp does not receive your messages

We would say that this is the most important point of all. If you are sending messages to this person and blue or even double ticks do not appear , begin to suspect, you may have been blocked from.

There are three types of ticks:

✓ Check- The first , which includes a single tick and which means that the message was delivered to the server.

✓ ✓ Double check- the second , which are two ticks and means that the message reached the recipient;

✓ ✓ Check blue - the third one , which turns blue and means you read it.

If you write to this person and he does not pass a single tick for a long period of time, he begins to think badly: it is very likely that he has blocked you.

Photos and states do not change

This method to check if you have been blocked in WhatsApp you have to take it with tweezers and is not as correct as the previous one, although it is also effective.

If the status of this person cannot be seen , just as the profile picture does not change or disappears , it is likely that it has blocked you.

When a person restricts a contact, both the profile picture and the status "disappear."

However, it may also happen that the former has not changed and the latter does not, although it is usually quite rare both times. Here we recommend you think about the habits of that person. Have you ever changed your profile picture? Then this measure will not be worth it.

You cannot add him/her to a group

This test is infallible. And we are also surprised not to have found it on the official WhatsApp page.

If you see that the two previous methods do not finish setting, try this:

Add that person you suspect has blocked a group on Whatsapp

He is the biggest (and best) informer to know if someone has blocked your access to WhatsApp. This happens because the application does not allow anyone who has blocked you to enter a group thanks to you.

The best thing to try is to quickly create a fictional group (and not use one that is already active) and try to add this person. If it has you locked, the system itself will tell you that you cannot do that because you do not have the relevant authorization or that an error has occurred.

Both answers solve the million-dollar question. How do you know if someone has blocked you on Whatsapp?

With these three methods you will know if someone has "expelled" you from your mobile life. You always have the last option, ask it openly.

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