10 Best Free Android Apps to Edit Videos

Android Apps to Edit Videos
Android Apps to Edit Videos

1. ActionDirector Video Editor

As the name implies, ActionDirector Video is a video editor app specializing in “action” videos, that is, basically sports. If you want to add slow motion to your last maneuver, or fluently combine your last surfing, this is your app.

Download ActionDirector Video Editor

2. Adobe Premiere Clip

Premiere Clip is a great and complete free video editor for Android that allows you to create professional videos and, if you are a subscriber, you can also open them in Premiere Pro CC to make the last touches there. Adobe Premiere Clip can create videos automatically from your photos or the clips of videos you want. You also have editing functions to use such as cutting, joining, adding transitions, music, effects, filters ...

Download Adobe Premiere Clip

3. FilmoraGo

FilmoraGo is an app designed for professional users or for users who want professional quality videos. In addition, it is an application prepared for the distribution of videos on social networks: you can create videos according to Instagram, YouTube ... Keep in mind that some of its more advanced functions are behind micropayments.

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4. Funimate Video Editor

This app specializes in the rapid creation of music videos: it allows the rapid incorporation of visual effects, sound and all kinds of elements that will give your video a shot. Would it serve for other types of videos? Maybe humorous, but even with those you would have certain limitations.

Download Funimate Video Editor

5. Horizon Camera

Horizon Camera is an intuitive app for iOS and Android specially created to capture and edit horizontal videos. If that is the type of videos you need, this app will be pearl. If you can choose, choose the version for iPhone as it is somewhat more complete than Android. Or at least that was the case at the time of writing this text.

Download Horizon Camera

6. KineMaster - Video Editor

KineMaster is a slightly more advanced app than the average applications in this sub-list, but still maintains the intuitive style needed to edit on a mobile screen. You can add transitions, texts, subtitles ... quickly and easily because it allows you to drag and drop items.

Download KineMaster - Video Editor

7. Quik

A video editor for iOS and Android from the creators of GoPro (it will not be the only one in charge of these people that you will find on the list) very, very simple. And that is its great advantage and disadvantage. On the one hand, if you need something simple, you will have it done quickly and easily. But if you want to have more control in your edition, you will have to find another app.

Download Quik

8. Splice

Splice is one of the most popular video editing apps for iPhone and iPad. Behind we have the creators of GoPro, so we already have a quality guarantee. Splice has a simple interface, adapted for smartphones and tablets, which allows you to edit videos with the minimum presses on the screen. Perfect for when you need a quick fix.

Download Splice

9. VideoShow/Video Editor: cut videos

VideoShow has not won numerous awards or has the highest score in this category in the Google Play Store because yes. It is easy to use, its interface is intuitive, you have multiple functions such as adding texts, effects, music ... And even the option to reduce the size of the video at the time of compressing it without sacrificing its quality.

Download VideoShow/Video Editor: cut videos

10. VivaVideo: Video and Photo Video Editor

VivaVideo is an application that allows you to create professional videos directly from your mobile. You have various pre-installed effects along with filters and other details of all kinds. Apart from the typical basic functions such as combining clips, cutting ... you can create videos in slow motion, create presentations from photos ...

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