How to Know If My Passwords Have Been Leaked Online

One of the biggest fears of any Internet user is that some unscrupulous person can steal their passwords and have access to their accounts. This is unfortunately increasingly common due to the hacking of large companies and the massive leaks of emails and their respective passwords. And it is that for very good antivirus we have, we can not do much to prevent our data from leaking through the Internet ... or yes?

In this article we are going to teach you to locate in which media your user names and passwords have been leaked . After that we will offer you different solutions to prevent this leak leading to possible collateral damage such as identity theft or bank details . We hope it helps you.

have i been pwned
have i been pwned

How to check if our data has been filtered online

To check if the account data linked to our email has been filtered, we will visit the Have I Been Pwned website . You can access it quickly and conveniently by clicking here .

The operation of this page is really simple, just write your email in the central box of your screen and click on the “pwned?” Button . After that you will see how the screen below the search engine changes to green or red.

If the screen appears green : Congratulations! None of the accounts and passwords associated with your email have been filtered. So breathe easy and do not worry, all your accounts are safe from any type of robbery or malicious attack.

If the screen appears red : Unfortunately, some of your accounts and passwords associated with your email have been filtered online. That means you're in a little hurry, but you shouldn't get frustrated. It is very common that if you have been using this email for some time, some of your accounts or passwords have been filtered.

The Have I Been Pwned page will show you each and every one of the accounts associated with your email that at some time have undergone a significant leak of user data .

As you can see, some really important and reliable companies have been targeted by these hacker attacks. Now the important thing is that you access each of your accounts and change your passwords .

This step is really important because although the attack took place a long time ago and the company has solved the problem, there is still your password problem . That is, if you are one of those who use the same password for different web pages, it is likely that some hacker will get this data and test your email and that same password filtered on other web pages .

Why is it important to know if our data has been leaked?

As we have already explained to you, it is common for our data to be leaked online and that is why we should not lose our minds. The solution is as simple as changing the passwords of our accounts so that no hacker can access our data.

While we know that it is a tedious process, it is the only way we can be sure that our information is always safe.

How can I keep my accounts safe?

In addition to periodically checking your email on Have I Been Pwned , there are other methods to keep your account details safe. First of all we recommend not to create accounts lightly on any page unless we are sure that it is reliable.

Another really important step to follow is to make sure you use a strong password that is not easy to guess . Under these lines you will find a useful article that will help you create unique passwords.

Finally we recommend not using the same password for different web pages . This is especially important in accounts where you have associated your bank details. Think that any hacker who gets your data will not use your email and password in that same account, but will seek to use it on the main pages with payment data to get a benefit.

We hope this article helps you to detect which of your accounts are in danger and what to do to keep them safe.