5 Best Apps to Record Screen on Android Mobile

We have all wanted to be able to record the screen of our Android mobile . However, oddly enough, unless we have an Xioami or Huawei phone, there is no function built into our mobile to make such recordings.

And although it is very easy to make a screenshot from Android , the same does not happen if we want to make a video. For this we will have to use third-party applications.

How to Record Screen Android

In this little article we are going to show you the applications that we like the most to be able to make screen recordings on mobiles with Android operating system . All of them are light, simple to use and also very useful. We hope they help you.

1. Screen Recorder – No Ads

Screen Recorder Recorder – No Ads is the free application that we like the most to record the Android mobile screen. This app is really complete, it lacks annoying ads and in addition to this, it allows us to configure the quality of the video so that it does not take up much space on our mobile.

Using Screen Recorder is really easy. Simply install the application, grant it the necessary permissions to make it work (access to storage, camera and microphone) and configure the video to your liking. Once this is done, press the blue button and wait for the app to close and a bar with four icons appears.

To start the recording simply press on the red icon and, once the countdown is finished, Screen Recorder will record everything that happens on your screen. When you want to end the video, press the Stop button .

If you have any questions about the recording process, check out the video below. This shows step by step how to record the screen with this application.

Screen Recorder – No Ads will save the resulting video within the gallery of your Android mobile. Once edited, you will be ready to share it online with your friends or on social networks.


2. AZ Screen Recorder

AZ Screen Recorder is another excellent free application to record the screen of your Android mobile. This incorporates functions as interesting as being able to stream directly from platforms such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitch.

However, and as a weak point, the app has enough publicity and in the long run it can be annoying. You can download AZ Video Recorder safely under.

Similar to Screen Recorder – No Ads, AZ Screen Recorder gives you total and absolute control over the type of video that results . In this way you can configure its frame rate or resolution so that it does not consume all the resources of your phone.

In addition to this the app offers the option of superimposing a video with sound during recording , also really useful if you have in mind to make a gameplay video of some game.


3. Mobizen Screen Recorder

Mobizen Screen Recorder is an application very similar to AZ Video Recorder. This one is completely free , light, but unfortunately with a lot of publicity . However, and if you ignore it, it is an excellent option to record the screen of your Android mobile. You can download Mobizen Screen Recorder under.

Recording using Mobizen is very simple, simply open the app to bring up a menu of floating controls from which you can record your screen. Under these lines you have a really useful video to know step by step how it works.

Although Mobizen does not allow streaming of the screen of our phone, it does incorporate a very interesting function. Once the video is finished you can edit it , cut it and even add an introduction directly from your phone.


4. My Video Recorder

Another interesting option to record your mobile screen is My Video Recorder. This free application allows not only to make a video but also to broadcast live on platforms such as Facebook, YouTube or Twitter.


One of My Video Recorder’s strengths is its floating interface . Thanks to this you can record your video quickly and intuitively. In addition, the app allows you to record your video in GIF format and edit it directly from your phone, being especially useful if you don’t want to waste time uploading it to your PC.


5. V Recorder Editor

Finally we want to recommend V Recorder Editor, a free application to record the screen of your Android mobile that although it lacks live broadcasting, it has other interesting functions. You can download the application quickly and safely under these lines.

V Recorder works in a similar way to the rest of the applications we have shown you. Simply use its floating menu to start and end your recording. After that, you will find it automatically stored in your mobile storage.

The strong point of this application however is its editor . This allows you to add music, special effects, text, transitions and much more to the video you just recorded. Highly recommended.


We hope this guide will help you to record the screen of your Android mobile.