How to Know if My Mobile Phone Supports HDR

The screens of our mobiles have become authentic televisions in recent years, adopting cutting-edge technologies to watch content with the highest quality. One of the best known is HDR, which in turn has different variants. Today we tell you how to know which one is compatible with our mobile phone.

That a mobile phone has an HDR screen guarantees that you will enjoy a higher image quality, with more contrast and more vivid colors, within this technology there are in turn different formats, which are not present in all mobiles.


Find out if your mobile supports HDR with an app

You may not even know for sure if your mobile is compatible with standard HDR, in that case the app that we bring you today is the best you can use to find out what type of technology your terminal has. In this case, the app that we propose detects three different types of HDR on our mobile . It is called HDR Display Check and as its name says it is an app that allows you to check what type of HDR technology our phone is compatible with.

móvil HDR

In this case, the technologies it detects are HDR10, HDR Dolby and HDR HLG . As you can see, the operation of the app is extremely simple, since the three technologies are shown on the screen in a rather large size. At the time of checking the app, we will see highlighted in green the technologies with which our phone is compatible , and secondly in red with those that are not compatible, in this way and at a glance we will be able to verify that our phone.

Download HDR Display Check

This type of screens is usually available on high-end mobile phones, and with it we can enjoy even more of our visual content on the phone. For example, between a screen with HDR and without HDR we are going to notice in the compatible contents that with this technology the image will have a higher contrast, which also gives more prominence to color . That high dynamic range highlights more all the details of each scene, whether they are colors or shadows, everything has more entity on our screen and we enjoy the contents much more. The normal thing is to know before buying the mobile if it has this technology, something that you can know in our mobile comparator , but if you have not done so, this app can be a good ally.