How to install MIUI 14 widgets on all Xiaomi phones

The new version of Xiaomi‘s customization layer, MIUI 14, has a long list of important news for your mobile, but among the most prominent are the new system widgets. However, there are smartphones that will not receive the update, although this is not an excuse to enjoy this option.

Content creator Ferch Tech on YouTube has discovered a way to install MIUI 14 animated widgets on any Xiaomi, Redmi and even POCO device. A method that, in addition, is quite simple to carry out, so below we are going to explain what you have to do to have them on your phone.

install MIUI 14 widgets on all Xiaomi phones

MIUI 14 widgets on all Xiaomi

Almost all users use widgets today on their mobile phone and with the arrival of MIUI 14 on your Xiaomi they become even more important. This is because they have special animations along with the ability to change their size with just a touch , giving a greater degree of personality to the device.

When clicking on some widgets, they will display an additional one that you must have previously selected. For example, sliding the edge of the square music widget out will take up the entire width of the home screen. Also, if you double tap on a widget it will be exchanged for another available widget with the same dimensions.

Cambiar región móvil Xiaomi

An interesting aspect is that the function recognizes the icon pack installed on your Xiaomi, that is, the widgets that hide shortcuts inside will show them correctly. Below we leave you the steps to follow to use the MIUI 14 widgets on your Xiaomi and we already anticipate that they are extremely simple, since the purpose is to download a specific theme:

  1. Open the settings and use the top bar to find the “Region” section.
  2. Select Mexico or Argentina. Likewise, almost all the themes are available on any Xiaomi, so you can try your luck and take a look without doing this step.
  3. Open the Xiaomi Themes app and search for the theme “P-Desert 12.5”, whose weight is 12.5 MB.
  4. Check the “Home screen” box and then “Apply”.
  5. Now, pinch the home screen and access the widgets. In the “Clock” section, the P-Desert widget should appear at the end. If not, you can set a default clock and repeat step 4.

MIUI 14 rollout begins

There is very little left to officially have the new MIUI 14 widgets, since the version will begin its deployment in the next few days. In fact, those who belong to Xiaomi’s MI Pilot program can already download the update on a certain number of smartphones from the Chinese brand.

Xiaomi MIUI 14

So, if you do not want to carry out the procedure that we leave you up here, you just have to wait for the version to land on your terminal. However, you must bear in mind that the first to receive it will be those belonging to the high range, so if you have a Redmi Note 11 you will have to wait a little longer.