How to Install Minecraft Maps

Minecraft is a true paradise for creative minds. And it is that the popular video game of Mojang is much more than an experience of adventure, survival and construction, it can also be considered as a playground where to create our own world. It is for this reason that, once the video game is over, the horniest gamers dedicate their free time to creating maps for Minecraft.

If you are an adventure lover, surely on more than one occasion you have walked through the Minecraft community in search of a good map. It is also likely that after five minutes you will end up overwhelmed by the thousands of maps that you could download. Is there no method to know which ones are worth it?

Minecraft Maps
Minecraft Maps

How to install Minecraft maps

Before we begin with our selection, we consider it convenient to make a small review about how to install a map for Minecraft. In the first place it will obviously be necessary to have the game installed. If you don't have it, don't worry, you can download it comfortably and securely under these lines.

With Minecraft downloaded and installed, you just have to download the map to your device. Depending on the operating system you use, the installation process will change a bit. Do not worry about that, we will teach you how to install the maps on each of them.

If you are Windows users

Minecraft users with a version of Minecraft prior to Windows 10 will need to follow these steps to install the maps. First of all, make sure you have installed a program to decompress files in .ZIP, .RAR or 7z format. If you don't have any, we recommend that you download WinRAR.

It will now be necessary to unzip the map files within the Minecraft saved games folder. If you don't know the location of this folder, go to Minecraft and select the "Launch Options" option. After clicking on “Add new”, you will find this option right next to the “+” symbol. To finish simply locate "Game directory" and click on the green arrow next to the folder icon to know where your games are saved. Once you know the location, copy all the map files on it.

Normally the location of the saved games is the following "C: \ Users \ your username \ AppData \ Roaming \ .Minecraft \ saves" , however it is always advisable to follow the steps above to be sure.

If you are using Windows 10, it is likely that the version you have installed of the program is the Bedlam (based on Pocket Edition) so its installation will be much easier. Simply double-click on the .mcworld file and it will install automatically. If this does not work, use the process of copying it to the saved games folder.

If you are Android users

If you are an Android user, you will first need to have a file browser installed on your phone. We especially recommend File ASTRO File Manager; it is free.

Once you have the map downloaded, open ASTRO File Manager and locate the compressed map in the "Download" section. Click on the file to be unzipped, copy it and move it to the "Games> com.mojang> minecraftWorlds" folder. After that the map will be available in the game.

If you find it easier, you can copy the maps by connecting your mobile to the PC and do it from the comfort of a computer.