How to get original Instagram Stories: tips and tricks

While WhatsApp states do not seem to interest the public, the other side of the coin is Instagram stories . In essence, it is the same model, but what is clear is that all users of this social network, owned by Meta, use this function that made Snapchat so fashionable in its day. And it is that, as much as TikTok is sweeping this application in different ways, there are still many who use this space to share different moments of their lives, their tastes, among other things.

For our part, we have discovered some tricks and secrets that Instagram stories have, a function that has accumulated so much success among its users for a few years. We don’t want to roll up too much, because those of you who have entered want to meet them, so we get down to work. For this reason, we are going to tell you how to take advantage of all the tools of Instagram stories. Although, the safest thing is that you already know a large part of these, since they have not been able to go unnoticed.

How to get original Instagram Stories

Use an iPhone

Believe it or not, Android mobiles process the images that we record or take directly with the Instagram app worse . Therefore, the first trick or advice that we give you will be to use an iPhone if you want to directly upload a story that you have recorded from this same function of the Facebook social network.

Perfil Instagram

It is clear that, both on Android and iPhone, quality is lost along the way when uploading photos to Instagram stories. However, it is something that we will notice more when we upload the same image from both devices. On phones with the Google operating system, we can see how some color is lost and, above all, some other details of the photos.

Features of stories

Within the app of this Meta social network, we find different tools that will help us when creating original Instagram stories, each one more artistic and innovative than the previous one. All you have to do is give free rein to your imagination and try the following functions, if we have not already used them in your profile.

Do not lose so much quality in the stories

Another trick that has caught our attention will help us to ensure that the photos that we upload to Instagram stories do not lose quality . This is because the application itself is responsible for cropping the image. However, if we previously edit it from the mobile gallery to the format of these stories, we will earn a few points and the snapshot will not look so bad.

recortar imagen para Instagram

To do this, go to the gallery of your smartphone (either Android or iPhone), click on the image you want > Edit. Inside here, you must select the Crop tool and choose the 16:9 or 9:16 format (it is the one used by the app).

Text with ‘3D’ effect

Texts have many options in Instagram Stories . They can be aligned, formatted, changed color, size, etc. but what we can do with some skill is give them a ‘3D’ touch to make them jump off the screen. The truth is that this trick is very simple, you only have to write a text with one color and then the same with a different one to achieve that effect.

Texto en 3D Instagram

Create your collages and boomerangs

The world of collages has never gone out of style, and Instagram knows it. For a long time we have found the Layout function with which we can design a kind of collage. But really, it’s mostly about blending, flipping, and mirroring different images into one story so that we can create different fun and unique versions that our fans can enjoy.

Layout Historias de Instagram

However, one of the latest features that the developer has added is the outright Collage feature. To do this, we must go to the app, select more than one photo, click on the arrow that appears and tap on the Collage option. In this way, we will not have to worry about adding different images ourselves to design it on our own.

Collage Historias de Instagram

Also, we can’t forget about the beloved boomerangs . Within the stories, and once we click on this function, we will only have to hit the record button. But, the really curious thing is that we can change the effect if we click on the Boomerang icon. In this menu, we can switch between classic, slow motion, echo and duo mode.

Boomerang en las Historias de Instagram

Change colors, backgrounds and filters

First of all, it is possible to set the colors of the Instagram logo as the background. You just have to take a black photo, slide your finger to the right several times and the Instagram filter will appear with the mauve tones that we already know. A little more advice, if you take a photo of a blank sheet of paper or a t-shirt and the background is very dark , you will be able to achieve a much more colorful effect, since the Instagram filter, so to speak, does not affect that color and get this effect.

In addition, we can also add any type of Instagram filter if we click on the icon with small stars that will appear at the top right of the screen. We will be able to choose between those that we save or those that the app offers us by default. Although, if we are going to upload one directly, they will appear at the bottom of the panel, as we can see in the following image.

Filtros de las Historias de Instagram

Another that many don’t know is that if you choose a color, but leave your finger pressed, the color palette appears and you can choose the exact tone you want to look for, as you can see in the image above. This goes for backgrounds, but also for anything we write or paint.

Cambiar color texto Historias de Instagram

Finally, it is also possible to put a filter to the photos of the color that we want . This is done by selecting the brushes from the top. If you leave your finger pressed, the entire screen will be covered and, in addition, if you choose the brush the color will be matte and if you choose the highlighter (the marker) what we will do will be a shading.

Surprises in the stickers

There are some other surprises hidden in the apparent simple Instagram Stories stickers that we paste on the photos. For example, some have variations such as temperature, sunglasses or location. Click several times on them to discover how they change and try the others to find more surprises.

Stickers para Historias de Instagram

Add one photo on top of another

In case you didn’t know, for some time this social network allows us to put a photo on top of another when we go to upload a story to Instagram. How is it achieved? Very easy. First, you must select one from your gallery or take a snapshot at that time. Then, you must click on the icon to add gifs, stickers, etc., which we find in the upper right part of the screen. Then, you must go down and look for a function in which we can see the last capture of the mobile gallery. Tapping on it will open the phone reel. Finally, choose the one you want.

Una foto encima de otra en las Historias de Instagram

The most curious of all is that by touching the image, we can change the shape : circular, heart, star, square or leave the photograph in its original format.

Upload a Reel to your stories

To give Instagram stories another touch, you can always take advantage of the reels you make or the ones you like the most to upload it or, rather, share them to your stories. In this way, you will give a more ‘Tik Tok’ touch to this function of the Facebook social network.

To do this, you just have to go to the Instagram Reels tab and click on the share icon. However, if it’s yours, go to your profile > Reels > share > Story.Subir Reel historias de Instagram

Give it a ‘like’

Instagram has incorporated a last tool with which we can make it clear if we like a story. Leaving aside the most classic part of reacting with the application’s predefined emojis. Now, we can indicate to any user that we liked their story by clicking on the heart that will appear in the lower right next to the share icon. Also, every time someone has liked a story of yours, you will get a notification in the Activity tab.

Me gusta en las Historias de Instagram

Block who you want

Let’s not think badly, it does not have to be that we want to ‘block’ someone. It could also be that we’re broadcasting how we’re throwing someone a surprise party for everyone else, but we don’t want the honoree to know.

Ocultar las Historias de Instagram

It is possible to limit the people who can see our stories momentarily. To do this, before starting to broadcast you have to enter your profile tab, which appears in the lower right corner, touch the three horizontal lines > Settings > Privacy > History > and touch where it says ‘ Hide History ‘, so that we can select who we do not want to be able to see it.

Switch sides of functions

You may have already verified this secret, or trick, that is in this social network. But, the truth is that for many users it has gone completely unnoticed. Also, it will come in handy if you’re tired of story tools always occupying the same part of the screen. What do we mean? Well, if you go into the stories and click on the arrow to display its functions, we will see how above these two arrows appear that go in opposite directions.

Barra de funciones de las Historias de Instagram

By pressing on these, we will see how this toolbar will change to the other side of the panel. Even this configuration will always be maintained, at least until we decide to change the side bar again.