Facebook closes only on Android mobiles. all solutions

Many of the users who come to our forum complain about problems in the Meta application for devices that work under the Google operating system, that is, on Android. There are many occasions when Facebook closes only on Android without us being able to know exactly what is the reason that has caused it. For this reason, we are going to tell you how to fix the unexpected closures of this application on your mobile.

The root of Facebook for Android’s problems lies in the RAM memory of the mobiles where it is being executed, as well as whether or not it is updated on the phone. And if you think it’s a compatibility thing, to begin with, if your smartphone wasn’t compatible, you wouldn’t even be able to install the app.

Facebook closes only on Android mobiles. all solutions

Knowing all this first, we are going to reveal the problems with Facebook crashes on Android that can happen to us at any time on our smartphones.

Because it happens

The main reason why this usually happens with the social network mobile app is that we haven’t updated it for a while, and the closure is not just a warning that something is wrong, but it will make it impossible for us to that we can use this software. Not only because it can happen at any time, but it could even prevent us from accessing the application.

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However, in other situations it could also be an error in the terminal itself or in the application. Therefore, it is good that you know the steps to follow to delete the Facebook cache, as well as all its data, so that it works normally again on the Android phone.

How can I solve that

There are different ways in which we can get rid of Facebook errors on Android phones. So, if you’re fed up with the social network app closing by itself, it’s time you tried all these tips on your phone.

Have you updated the app?

One of the main reasons that we will be told that something is not going well in an app is when it closes by itself on the phone. Even when we just started it on the device. If it just happened to you, it’s time for you to check if you have any pending update on your terminal.

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Basically, because if some time has passed since we haven’t used the app, it’s quite likely that it will close by itself or warn us that we can’t use it until we update it. So go to Google Play > tap on your profile > Manage apps and devices > go to updates and download the new version.

restart the mobile

It is something that we use on many occasions for other problems, but it is a trick that usually works more than we might believe. So if Facebook isn’t working, and you have no idea what exactly to do, it’s time to turn off your smartphone.

It is always a good idea to try restarting the phone . Well, many of these mobile errors are due to a specific failure in one of its internal processes. Therefore, by doing this quick action we will be able to clean the device’s cache memory.

Clear data and cache of the app

As we say, if your mobile has less than 2 GB of memory, this may be the main reason why Facebook closes on Android . A very practical solution to slam the door against these uncomfortable crashes or unexpected closures is to clear the data and cache of the social network software from the configuration of your smartphone.

Although, it can also happen on a smartphone with 3 or 4 GB of this memory. In those who have more, it will be quite rare for this to be the main reason.

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In any case, you can always access the device settings menu and locate the applications section. Then, enter the section to see all the apps you have on your mobile and locate the application.

Once inside, you will have to click on Storage where you must delete the cache using the corresponding button and, as a recommendation, delete the application data, but not before noting that this process permanently deletes files, settings, credentials, etc.

Force your arrest

Another method that we can try will be to force stop because Facebook does not load . To do this, you will have to enter the Android phone settings and access the Applications section> see all apps> enter the social network software> Storage.

After this, we will have to find the one that we want to make work without any type of error and enter its configuration. Later, we will see that a button appears that says ‘Force stop’, and we will only have to click on it. Then, we will reopen the tool to check if it keeps closing itself from time to time without our permission.

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use memory locker

Another option that we can use when it comes to avoiding unexpected closures of Facebook on Android is to make use of an application like Memory Locker that prevents any app from closing due to memory problems, as could be the case with the social network.

The application itself helps to better manage the applications running on our smartphone, allowing us to select which ones we want to avoid closing when the system crashes . In this way, Memory Locker will manage the memory more efficiently to prevent these Facebook app problems caused by lack of memory from reproducing.

blame an update

This error may have started to occur after the last update of the social network app on your smartphone. If that is your case, always solve the problem by removing it from the mobile. To do this, we must go to Settings> Applications and notifications> enter the list of apps> select the one you use, in our case Gboard> click on the three vertical dots at the top right> Uninstall updates .

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If your Android mobile does not allow you this option, you must uninstall the application and download it through one of the apk file websites for phones. From the APKMirror page, you will be able to find another older version of this software.

However, you must allow your browser to download these files: Settings> Applications> Special access. From there, you will find the Install unknown apps option. Click on your browser > Authorize downloads from this source.

The ultimate alternative, the Lite version

Finally, you can always resort to the already famous Facebook Lite, an official version of the developer that consumes less data and battery than the official or better known app for Android. In addition, this ‘reduced’ version of the social network takes up less space on your phone and is less demanding when it comes to absorbing the resources of any phone.

Therefore, if in your case you have an Android device with little RAM or that has poor fluidity, using the Lite version may be the perfect option to solve this problem with the Meta social network on your smartphone.