The best apps to solve math problems with your mobile

How good it would have been for many of us, including myself, an application of this type during our student stage! However, we belong to a time when smartphones did not yet dominate every aspect of daily life as they do today. So these apps for solving math problems on iOS and Android seemed more like something from the future.

Although, as we have already seen, nothing is further from reality, at least at present. We find different applications that will help us to do mathematical problems with the mobile in a matter of seconds. Even, they will also come in handy to learn more about this subject that we study in a compulsory way in school and high school.

best apps to solve math problems with your mobile

How do they work

In some cases, the functionality will basically be to make use of the smartphone’s camera to solve complex mathematical problems with the phone . The idea is to use it to correct our operations, once they have been carried out, or to prepare for the June exams, but of course the app can be used in countless circumstances.

Of course, we recommend you not to abuse it and use it, as we have already said, to correct math problems since, when you face the dreaded exams, we doubt that there is a teacher who will let you use your mobile while they are put to the test. your knowledge.


However, some of the apps that we are going to present to you below have a very different operation. For example, we will find a calculator in which we will have to write the formula to help us solve it with a simple button. Also, many of these apps are available on Android and iPhone , so there will be no problem.

what apps can i download

It is the moment of truth, which many of you will be wanting to know. In this way, if an exercise is costing you more than necessary, with the help of these applications you will never go to class again without unsolved mathematical formulas . Although, we continue to insist that they are help apps, so you should not abuse them at any time, because during an exam you will not have them.


PhotoMath is the app that will save you headaches and allows you to solve math problems and exercises without even having to enter them manually in the app. Simply use your phone’s camera to get the answer to the exercises set before you.

Simply, you must download the app and grant it the necessary permissions on Android, such as those that allow access to the smartphone’s camera. Thanks to this you will be able to instantly scan any printed or handwritten text with your mobile’s camera.

The PhotoMath app breaks down all math problems into simple, easy-to-understand steps so you can really grasp the basics and answer questions with confidence, while giving you the results of operations. In addition, it allows you to store all the steps so that you can easily learn to perform the operations yourself.

Resolver ejercicios mates móvil

The application software to solve math problems , both on iOS and Android, makes use of image recognition and processing technology to be able to analyze any mathematical equation. The app works with basic arithmetic, fractions and linear equations to give a result instantly, but more complex tasks such as trigonometry or statistics cannot be required.


We are again an application for those who have problems with algebra, trigonometry, calculus, etc. This app is presented as a complement to studies and when it comes to understanding equations and formulas, presenting hundreds of thousands of problems already solved.

App matemáticas móvil

Developer: Chegg, Inc.

We only have to download the software for our phone and start writing the mathematical problem that we can’t solve on our own or we don’t know if we’ve done it right. In this way, it will help you to learn even more about this subject and, above all, to carry out all the homework that they send you.


This third alternative is somewhat simpler than the previous one, since it is aimed at high school students, in addition to being designed so that parents can help their children with their math homework.

Its operation is also quite simple and quick to understand. Simply, you have to write the formulas on the main screen that we will see when entering and get the answer by pressing the button. Therefore, we are dealing with fast and efficient software that fulfills what it promises on both Android and iOS.


This option is only available for Android mobiles. The good side is that, as in the case of Photomath, we have an application that just by taking the image with the camera will solve the mathematical equation for us. Instead of how the first app manages to do it, superimposing the result, it recognizes the text and then presents the final result on the screen.

App matemáticas móvil

No Internet connection required. And it has another extra, and that is that in addition to the answer, it offers us a step by step to know how to obtain it, so that in the process we will be able to learn how to solve the mathematical exercise.

Graphing Calculator + Math

As in the previous case, this app can only be found on Android smartphones. In this case, we are facing the last option that we bring you today so that you can do your math homework with your mobile.

This app developed by Mathlab will be ideal for solving mathematical problems with an Android phone and being able to carry out the operation until you find the final result.

To use it, it will be as easy as entering the problem that we want to solve in the upper bar that we will see inside the application. In this way, the app will help us with the different calculators it offers us: graphic, scientific, fraction, algebra and matrix. Of course, it is important that you know that if you use the free version you will need to have Internet to use it, in addition to the fact that advertising appears continuously.

Which one are we left with?

Of all the applications that we have shown you, you will have already realized that each of these software works in one way or another. But, if we had to choose one of them, we would stay with the first alternative that we have shown you, Photomath. Basically, because this free tool will save us a lot of time when it comes to correcting the exercises.

Mainly, because we will directly use the functions of the camera so that it can scan the mathematical problem and, later, the application will take care of telling us what the result will be. Although, as we have repeated on more than one occasion, your thing will be to use these apps in case you don’t really know how to solve the exercise and, above all, to learn even more about this subject.