The best covers to protect the mobile from water and shock

Today it is almost automatic, the simple fact that, when brand new a mobile, we buy even before a case to put it on the terminal. It does not matter what we have spent on the smartphone, since nobody likes to break the screen or mark its edges the first day with a fortuitous drop, from the water itself or any other liquid. For this reason, in addition to the fact that a case can attract us aesthetically, it is worth choosing those that are best designed to protect the mobile .

Not all cases on the market have the same level of protection, nor will they protect from the same factors. On different occasions, we must balance the aesthetic and protection factor. That is to say, there are cases that can be very ugly, but that will help us to perfectly protect the terminal against possible falls or against water.

best covers to protect the mobile from water and shock

At the other extreme are products that only care about design, something that we will check for ourselves as soon as the slightest knock occurs on the device. We are going to see, therefore, which are the models that will best take care of the mobile in the event of different unwanted accidents, either because we have spilled a glass of water on the mobile or because we have dropped the phone from the bed.

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What to look out for?

Before going on to choose any of the types that we are going to see in terms of shockproof covers, the truth is that it will be better for you to take a look at a series of key points that we must keep in mind at all times:

  • The material: not everything goes to increase the protection of the device. For this reason, the main thing will be to see if the material is resistant or only ensures that we cover a small part of the blow or fall. And if we want it to face water, we must check that it is waterproof .
  • Compatibility: in addition to finding different rugged cases , silicone cases, etc., another important point will be that it is compatible with our phone at all times. It will be useless if it is anti-shock if it does not fit well or the mobile comes out.
  • What do you want to protect? In this case, we must make sure if we prefer it to be resistant to all kinds of shocks, or if it is better to avoid them. And not only this, but we must also ask ourselves if we want it to be an aquatic cover or also have military protection.

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Not only do we find different resistant cases that are capable of withstanding all bumps or falls, but some of the different options that we will teach you will help us to prevent precisely this, that it is hit, since we will carry the mobile in a more ‘ safe’. And it is often better to prevent than to cure. So, if you’re looking for protection for your smartphone, these are the toughest cases you’ll ever need to protect your phone.

armored case

It is undoubtedly one of the best options that we will find in the market for this accessory. It is true that they can be rough and somewhat more unsightly , but without a doubt, they fulfill what they promise. Basically, because they are designed to absorb impacts like no other case.

We find them for all kinds of brands and models, so we will have no problem finding one for our phone. In addition, we can be calm in the face of blows of all kinds, but it will always be important to enhance this security with the corresponding screen protector for the smartphone. Some will be better than others, so we must look for what type of protection it offers, as well as look at the comments of other buyers. In this way, we will make sure that we are correctly choosing the next case for our terminal. There are even some that come with a small sliding cover that will help us protect the rear cameras of the device.

The anti-water type

Another perfect method to protect our mobile is to get a waterproof case. There are some types that will not only help us deal with liquids, but will also protect the smartphone against small bumps or falls.

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In this family we have the classic plastics in which to put the terminal. However, the best option is the style that you can see in the photo just above. That is to say, a casing that protects the terminal at the IP68 level , that is to say that neither water nor dust will enter, while protecting its chassis against falls. Therefore, if you are looking for an option that deals with different situations, this option will undoubtedly be one of the best that we will have available at all times.

It matches

This type of case is very fashionable at the moment, especially for those clueless people who prefer to keep their mobile well stored. Its main peculiarity is that it has a cord as a pendant for the neck , which allows you to carry and handle the mobile without risk of falling.

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This allows us to choose a more aesthetically attractive design or type of casing that may be less designed for falls or bumps, since thanks to the rope, the risk is minimized by far. Of course, it will have to be checked every ‘x’ time to see if the rope or the cover itself are still in good condition. Especially if you don’t want it to fall to the ground, or somewhere else, when you least expect it.

book type

The ‘book’ style covers are the oldest of all the ones we’ve seen on this list. Although, it was a fashion that not everyone has continued to share. The truth is that when they came onto the market, the mobiles that were placed inside them were little more than bricks that needed little projection.

fundas Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

Currently, for smartphones with large screens and four or five cameras, it is one of the best options in terms of resistant cases. The entire device will be covered and protected against any type of accidental fall. Although, its resistance cannot be compared with the first type, that is, the armored ones, since they usually have a more robust protection.

However, when we get hold of this type, we will forget about having to buy a protector for the smartphone’s display, since the anti-shock case itself will cover and protect it.

So which one is better?

It all depends on what we are looking for. If what we prefer is that it is covered at all times, the book case will be ideal in that case. But, it will not be the most resistant. On the other hand, armored cases, or those that have military protection, will be the ones that will give the smartphone the most protection at all times against falls or blows to the mobile phones.

However, the only ‘but’ that we will find with these types of covers is that they will not protect the smartphone from water. Therefore, if we go to the pool or a river, this option will not be the best. Therefore, we recommend that, depending on the situation, you use a resistant case or another. It will not always be enough for us to have a protection at home, since we never know when we will need to change it to the terminal.