How to Disable Screenshots on an Android Mobile

Screenshots are very useful for many users, others however hardly use this function. But what they do have in common is that it is common to find dozens of captures made by mistake. This leads to wonder why Android does not integrate an option that simply disabled this option at the system level.

We have seen how on many occasions, the storage space is diminished with the screenshots that are made in the system, consciously or unconsciously. Most of them have a temporary life, since they usually serve to share something specific or save something that we will need later. However, the forums are filled with users of different brands, who want to disable screenshots.

Lock screenshots on Android

Unfortunately, only Android developers have the tools to disable this feature at the system level. It is an option that is present, for example, in banking and other applications that contain sensitive information and that for security reasons , disable the function within this particular app. However, within the screen capture options we do not find a switch that deactivates, that by pressing the power and volume keys, screen captures have been taken.

At the level of permissions, it is the operating system, in this case Android, which has access to be able to take screenshots, so it is not a matter that concerns the permissions of the apps. If we enter the system screenshots function, we will find that it is blocked from being able to stop, and it does not matter if we force the stop, since they will continue to occur anyway.

capturas de pantalla

So what can we do?

Disable gesture capture

Luckily, there is an option that will help us to get out of trouble. In addition, we can also make use of a tool that gives good results and that blocks the captures on any screen of our Android efficiently. In this case, we can disable screenshots by gestures , which are the cause of a large number of accidental screenshots. This option with three fingers, knuckles, etc., can be disabled from the screen capture options.

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Capture protection

Also, within the Privacy options, many terminals allow you to avoid certain screenshots in third-party apps , which contain sections in which personal information is entered. Activating this option will also get rid of a large number of junk files generated by mistake.

The “ultimate” tool

While Android adds (who knows if in future versions) an option to generally remove screenshots , a third-party tool may be the solution. One of the most popular is found on Google Play and is called “ScreenWings”. It is a popular software that had its beginnings in a PC program, and whose objective is that captures can be made on all system screens including applications.

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The objective is to prevent spyware, viruses or Trojans from taking over main information, but whatever the objective, including accidental screen captures, they will be disabled with this tool . Just install the application and click on the activate button. It will work in the background, so when you exit it will not close and the captures will remain blocked all the time, including the combinations of volume and power button.