How to Fix Damaged and Scuffed Phone Frames

The frames of mobile phones are one of the elements that suffer the most over time, they are in charge of embracing both the screen and the back and many times they are the ones that take the worst part in bumps or falls. This causes them to be the ones that suffer the most damage, although for the benefit of users there are methods to fix the frames of mobile phones without the need to be an expert.

The only thing we will need is to be a little handyman and above all, dedicate time to it, because there is no magic solution that will achieve the desired result in a few seconds. It is for this reason that the covers are a solution to keep the frames of the devices free from scratches and marks , extending their useful life and maintaining their appearance over time.

What frames are easier to repair?

Taking into account that mobile phones increasingly offer us more alternatives in their construction, it is important to recognize the materials. For those who are interested in recovering the look of the mobile, they should know that aluminum alloy and ceramic frames are the easiest to repair due to their composition. On the contrary, plastic ones are practically impossible and only a replacement would fix it.

Pastes to polish mobile frames

The solution to restore the best appearance to the frames of mobile phones is through special materials that allow us to recover the original appearance. In hardware stores and also on web portals such as Amazon we find polishing pastes that are intended for window or door frames, as well as for cars, but which are also the ideal solution for our mobile.

pasta arreglar marcos movil

How to use it on mobile

To begin to take advantage of it and achieve the desired result, we must follow a few steps and be somewhat meticulous if we do not want the mobile to suffer any damage. First of all we have to protect the input holes to the charger, as well as the speakers, for which we recommend placing a piece of tape or electrical tape that prevents anything from entering. Later we turn it off, to save ourselves in health from inopportune touches on the screen.

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We are also going to need a cloth or a series of paper napkins. On them we are going to spread the paste to repair the frames of the mobile and begin to rub the areas that have these marks that spoil the aesthetic appearance of the mobile. We will have to continue with this process for several minutes until the paste fills in the marks and gradually attains the best possible appearance.

Is the result long-lasting?

We must bear in mind that the paste that hides the marks is not as resistant as the aluminum itself or the material of the phone and in case of scratching it or it suffers blows, it will be easier for it to return to the way it was . Anyway, if we switch to using it with a transparent case, there will be no way to detect if the phone has previously had a problem with the frames.