How to customize the font in WhatsApp and iMessage?

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WhatsApp is widely recognized as one of the world’s most popular messaging applications. However, Apple users have their own messaging app called iMessage. While both apps offer various customization options for messages and texts, do you know how to utilize them? In this article, we will delve into the details and guide you through the process.

Customize the WhatsApp app

WhatsApp is well-known for its simplicity and user-friendly interface. This extends to the use of built-in formatting characters that allow you to emphasize keywords or texts. Here are some commonly used formatting options:

Bold: To make text bold, simply enclose your message in asterisks (*). For example, “hello” will be displayed as *hello*.

Italic: If you want to make your text or keyword italic, use underscores (_). For example, “hello” will be displayed as _hello_.

Strikethrough: To strikethrough your text or words, use tildes (~). For example, “hello” will be displayed as ~hello~.

Typewriter: To generate a monospace or typewriter font style, use three grave accents. For example, “`hello“` will be displayed in a typewriter font style.

These formatting options can add emphasis and visual appeal to your messages on WhatsApp, making your conversations more dynamic and expressive.

Moreover, if you want to explore a wider range of font styles, you can also turn to third-party applications available on the App Store. Applications like Fancy Text Generator, Stylish Text, and Font Keyboard offer various font styles that you can use. The process is simple: generate the text with the desired style within the app, and then copy and paste it into the WhatsApp application to use in your messages. These apps provide additional options to further customize your texts and make your conversations more visually appealing.

  • Fancy Text Generator
  • stylish text
  • Font Keyboard

Changing the font from iMessage

After exploring how to change the text style in WhatsApp messages using the app itself or third-party applications, let’s now see how we can achieve the same in the native Apple application, iMessage. It’s important to note that iMessage doesn’t offer built-in styling functions or direct access to third-party applications for text customization. However, there is a workaround to change the text style in iMessage by utilizing Apple’s accessibility feature.

To begin, follow these steps on your iPhone or iPad:

1. Open the “Settings” app.
2. Tap on “Accessibility” and then select “Display & Text Size.”
3. Within this menu, you can modify the “Font Style” option. The available styles include “Default,” “Bold,” “Italic,” and “Monospace.” Keep in mind that selecting a different font style here will affect the entire operating system, not just iMessage.


If you specifically wish to change the font style within iMessage, your only option is to utilize third-party applications, which are the same ones mentioned earlier for WhatsApp as they are compatible with iMessage.

In addition to the limited customization options in iMessage, the Apple application does offer some text effects that you can use to enhance your chats. To apply these effects:

1. Compose your message in the iMessage app.
2. Instead of tapping the send button right away, press and hold it.
3. Various message effects will appear, including options like balloons, confetti, or invisible ink.
4. Select the desired effect and release the send button to apply it to your message.

By utilizing these message effects, you can add a touch of creativity and liveliness to your iMessage conversations.

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