Best apps to save water at home

save water at home

Water, being a valuable and limited resource, demands our attention in terms of consumption. In this article, we introduce a selection of top-notch applications designed to promote water conservation at home.

Whether your goal is to embrace a more sustainable lifestyle or reduce your water expenses, technology comes to the rescue. Several iOS and Android apps are available that offer valuable insights and tools to enhance our water usage practices. By utilizing these apps, you can develop a conscious approach towards water consumption while simultaneously cutting down on your utility bills. Read on to discover the finest applications that can assist you in conserving water within your household.


Allow us to introduce you to the first app featured in this compilation, developed by the Fundación de Defensores de la Naturaleza. Its primary focus is to assist us in saving water and promoting conscious water consumption during showers and baths. With its user-friendly and engaging interface, this app offers a delightful experience, making it suitable for teaching young ones about the importance of conserving water.

The app provides an array of options, including a selection of three different music tracks that accompany your shower time, adding an element of enjoyment to your bathing routine. These songs have a duration of three minutes, which the association believes is ample time to complete tasks like showering, washing hair, lathering, and rinsing. Once the designated time elapses, an alarm will sound, signaling that it’s time to exit the shower and save water. Furthermore, the app allows users to share their achievements and shower durations with fellow users.

While currently only available for iOS, this application caters to the entire family. For Android users, fret not, as we will present alternative apps below that also facilitate mindful water consumption in your household.


Let us introduce you to Hydrao, the next app we recommend for water conservation at home. Available on both the Apple Store and the Play Store, Hydrao offers a combination of water-saving features, educational resources, and entertainment.

This app is particularly useful when it comes to teaching children about water conservation. It enables us to monitor our water consumption, track our daily usage, and witness our progress in gradually reducing consumption. With dedicated sections for viewing water usage and tracking savings, Hydrao also provides the option to monitor energy consumption in our homes.

Hydrao allows us to set consumption limits and provides color-coded indicators to notify us if we exceed those limits. It even offers the convenience of including multiple showers under the same account, making it possible to monitor water consumption across our entire household, including multiple properties if applicable.



Below, we present an Android-exclusive app that is perfect for those who tend to lose track of time and use excessive water during their showers. Unlike other apps, this one does not impose a maximum time limit for your showers. Instead, it allows you to set the duration according to your preference. However, the goal is to gradually reduce the duration until you reach an optimal point where you can practice more mindful water consumption at home.

The app features an intelligent visual timer and audio alerts that notify you as the minutes pass by. If you find yourself getting carried away, these reminders will prompt you to pick up the pace and finish your shower efficiently.

This app is a great tool for avoiding distractions in the shower, and it offers more flexibility compared to other alternatives. It boasts an intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it suitable even for young members of the household who may find the interactive shower experience engaging.

5 min shower

Lastly, we have the “5 Min Shower” app, which is also available for Apple devices, including both smartphones and tablets running the iOS operating system. This app is based on the belief that the optimal duration for an effective shower that saves water, energy, and costs is five minutes.

The app provides audio cues when we surpass the 2.5-minute mark, indicating that we have half the time remaining. While it is designed for a five-minute shower and notifies us when the time is up, it is not as strict as other apps. If we get carried away and exceed the time limit, the timer will continue running, but it will periodically remind us every 60 seconds until we finish our shower.

By using this app, we can gradually reduce our shower time to five minutes. It also provides information on the duration of our showers, enabling us to optimize our water usage, achieve savings, and develop a more mindful approach to consuming this valuable resource.