How to create an avatar on Instagram

Non-verbal communication is increasingly present on social networks and especially on messaging platforms such as WhatsApp thanks to emojis, which have evolved until a variant called “avatar” emerged. These were already present in this application, as well as in other services such as Facebook and now they are also part of Instagram.

This is completely logical considering that these three applications belong to Meta. Hence, they share some elements such as the well-known avatars, which you can customize as you wish to achieve an appearance as similar as possible to yours in the real world.

How to create an avatar on Instagram

Your virtual avatar on Instagram

The option to create an avatar is not new at all. Several years ago, Apple popularized this trend with the so-called Memojis and Facebook also appropriated it with these avatars. These serve to represent the emotions of the different emoticons that we all know, but with the appearance that we have designed according to our figure.

Thanks to the avatars you can create an emoji extremely similar to you due to the huge number of customizable options to edit your character. In addition, Meta includes progressive improvements to add new cosmetics or other elements to completely modify its appearance.

Avatar Instagram

Having said that, it is time for you to know the necessary procedure to create your avatar for Instagram , which we have already told you that does not hide much difficulty. Just get this series of steps for it:

  1. Launch Instagram on your Android smartphone or iPhone.
  2. Tap on your profile icon at the bottom right of the screen.
  3. Select the three horizontal lines in the upper right area and choose Settings.
  4. Click on the Account section and again on the Avatar section.
  5. Choose the template on which you are going to create your avatar.
  6. Use the middle bar to alternate between skin tone, hairstyle, face…
  7. When you are ready, tap on Close and save the changes made.

It is necessary to point out that at the moment the use of avatars is only intended solely and exclusively for stories . So it is somewhat limited, although Meta has already confirmed that later they will enjoy a greater number of purposes. Customizing Instagram stories with them is as simple as we would do it to insert music, GIFs or other stickers, but in any case we are going to explain in an instant how to do it to clear up any doubts:

  1. Tap on Your Story at the top left.
  2. Take a photo, record a video or choose any of them from the gallery.
  3. Click on the sticker-shaped icon in the area above.
  4. Choose the Avatar option.
  5. Select the avatar that best fits the content.

Import your Facebook avatar

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If you had previously done the same with Facebook, you will be interested to know that you do not have to carry out the process described a few paragraphs above. Mainly, because you can import it to Instagram just by accessing the corresponding section. This means that once you enter the “Avatar” section, the app will inform you about an existing avatar, so you can take advantage of it to start using it in your stories.