What is Thor's hammer called?

If now we told you that Google is one of the best sources that exist to know what are the questions that torment the human being, would you believe us? If so, you may breathe easy because if we look back, we will see that in 2021 one of the questions that we went to consult the famous search engine the most is what was the name of the famous Thor’s hammer . Do you know him? Are you able to pronounce it properly?

The story of the hammer

What is Thor's hammer called

Since Thor appeared in 2011 as a leading character in his first solo film and as an essential part of that Marvel Cinematic Universe, another character came with him who has been taking center stage due to the many turns he has taken through the galaxy. . Indeed, we are referring to Mjölnir, the term by which everyone knows, even in Asgard, this heavenly weapon that allows heroes of absolute moral purity to wield it.

Because not everyone is worthy of taking it. And if not, remember that mythical scene from Avengers Age of Ultron in which the group of superheroes, sitting around a table and with a few extra drinks, play to see who is capable of wielding it . Neither Captain America, nor Iron-Man, nor Hawkeye, nor Bruce Banner… no one can lift it except one, who passed by and attended to the name of Vision.

If we look at the history of Mjölnir we find that it is, historically, one of the most feared weapons in Norse mythology. So much so that, in the oldest writings, it is related that it was used to defeat all those who had the courage to challenge the supremacy of the Æsir and, depending on when we consult those writings, we can see how it also takes such disparate forms. like those of an axe, a club and even a sledgehammer.

Although if we look at Marvel, things change: this weapon was forged with uru (an Asgardian metal) by order of Odin himself so that it could only be raised by those of solid morals, character and integrity. Although throughout its history it has been wielded by a good bunch of superheroes from the (now) Disney factory. And if not, remember the most striking case with Captain America in the final battle of Avengers Endgame .

Where does its popularity come from?

But surely the popularity of that search on the internet we have to go find it elsewhere. Specifically, to the territory in which memes live and which was greatly helped by a certain Paul Rudd who, during a promotional video for Ant-Man and the Wasp in 2018, had no better idea than (given the impossibility of pronouncing the correct name) to refer to Thor ‘s weapon in a very different way: “Jonathan”.

But Paul Rudd was not the only one since the director of Thor Ragnarok , Taika Waititi, had already left his particular contribution to this debate about what the name of Thor’s hammer is by giving him the nickname “Jeff”, in a gesture that also It was a shock to the purist community of the UCM.

And you, what do you call Thor’s hammer? Do you also have a more colloquial name for him so you don’t have to say Mjölnir?