How to Control the Sound of Open Tabs in Chrome

When it comes to working in the office, playing games or watching movies at home, in many cases we no longer use local platforms or programs. For that we have the Internet and the cloud, to be able to do all this and much more, all from the web browser itself. Here, programs of the popularity and importance of Chrome, Firefox or Edge, among many others, come into play.

Therefore, and as it is easy to imagine, these are software solutions that have not stopped gaining in importance with the passage of time. This is due to the enormous versatility and types of use that they present to us. In addition, in general terms, they are perfectly designed, or almost, to take advantage of the majority of the online content that we can find. This is one of the reasons why in sessions with the PC , we have the browser open at all times, or at least most of the time.

Control the Sound of Open Tabs in Chrome

In this case we are going to focus on the proposal of this type most used around the world, and by far, such as Google Chrome . Specifically, we are going to talk about how to control something as important as sound in the search giant’s program. And it is necessary to bear in mind that nowadays it is more than usual to accumulate many tabs open in the browser when we move around the Internet.

How to control audio from tabs in Chrome

This in something that in certain cases can become a mess. Knowing that multimedia content is very common on the websites we access, as several of them are playing audio, the situation will turn into chaos.

Mute Chrome tabs from the browser

Well, at this point it is worth mentioning that Google’s own web browser allows you to mute a tab independently. This will actually allow us to have much more control over the audio content that is played simultaneously. In this way, as you can imagine, we avoid listening to the sound of several tabs at the same time, which can be somewhat annoying.

Thus, in the event that we have several tabs open in Google Chrome and several of them, or only one, plays audio that we want to silence, we solve it easily. For this we only have to click with the right button of the mouse on the tab that we want to silence. Then a context menu will appear with several options related to this element, so in this case we opted for Silence Website.

Silenciar sitio Web

Of course, we must bear in mind that here all the tabs belonging to the same domain are silenced, a change that is also saved. To hear sound again, we do the same commented steps, but selecting Activate sound from the website.

Control Chrome’s audio from the Windows mixer

It can also be the case that we have several applications running, not just Chrome, and we want to mute only the browser’s audio. Therefore in this case it may be that what we really need is to silence all the tabs that emit sound at this moment in Chrome, for example if we are playing in another window, or watching a video in VLC. At this point we can make use of the so-called Windows Volume Mixer. This is a functionality of the operating system itself that we access by right-clicking on the volume icon . This is located on the right side of the system toolbar, where we see the option to Open volume mixer.

Next and in the form of icons, we will see all the programs that we have open at that moment. In addition, each one with its corresponding scroll bar from which we can increase, decrease or silence the sound of each independent application .

Mezclador volumen windows

Audio control extensions for Chrome tabs

But despite what we have seen so far, at the same time we can also use a series of extensions for the browser. These will help us to control the sound that is played in the aforementioned Google Chrome tabs. As you know, these are small additions that we can install in the browser in order to increase its versatility.

unMute, mute tabs automatically or manually in Chrome

To begin with, we are going to talk about the extension for Google Chrome called unMute. This is an interesting proposal of this type that allows us to manually or automatically silence the tabs that we have open in the web browser. The automatic mode allows us to configure the plugin to silence all the tabs except the current one, only the remaining ones or a specific one.

Developer: unFace

MuteTab, total control over the sound of the tabs

As its name suggests, this other extension will be of great help to us when it comes to controlling the audio of the tabs of the Google program . Here we have multiple customizable functions in this sense, for example seeing only the tabs that are playing now or recently. We can also silence all the tabs, those that are in the background, or those incognito.

For all this we will have keyboard shortcuts in addition to being able to create black and white lists for the sound of certain websites.

Smart Mute, control the audio of the tabs one by one

Changing third, if we are a little tired of listening to the audio of several Chrome tabs at the same time, this is another solution. And is that Smart Mute allows us, once installed, to have control of the sound experience when using audio. Therefore we can configure the plugin to listen to the sound of a single tab at a time.

Auto Tab Mute, mutes tabs in the background

This is an extension that helps us to automatically silence the tabs that we have open in the background. That is, it mutes those that we have on the screen, if the current tab is playing some type of audio, all automatically. This allows us to quickly switch between the different tabs that play sound without having to manually mute them as we saw before.

Smart Tab Mute, listen to single tab audio

In case you want to make sure that only one of the open Chrome tabs plays sound, this is a good solution. And is that after downloading and installing this add-on, it ensures that only one tab plays the audio at the same time, even if we have many running.

Mute Tab Shortcuts, mute Chrome with keyboard shortcuts

As its name suggests, this other extension will be very helpful when it comes to silencing Chrome tabs using keyboard shortcuts. With it, we can silence these elements more quickly by just using a series of key combinations. Thus, to silence the current tab we use Alt + Shift + M. To silence all except the current one, Alt + Shift + N. While to silence all, we use Alt + Shift +,.

Mute Tabs, mute Chrome tabs faster

Another element similar to those reviewed previously, we find it with Mute Tabs. Actually, this is an extension that allows us to silence or re-launch all the Google Chrome tabs at once. Therefore it could be considered as a replacement for the Windows volume mixer that we saw earlier.

Developer: ykushch

TabMuter, customize the sound reproduction in Chrome

The basic operation of this other extension is similar to the previously seen. Once downloaded and installed in the browser itself, we will have the possibility to quickly silence the tabs one by one or all at the same time. We can achieve all of this by simply using a direct access key that it proposes.

Developer: ry92.main