It is 30 Years of Windows Minesweeper: Its Story

Surely the most veteran of the place, or not so much, still remember some of the classic games that were included in the previous versions of Windows. There are several proposals to which we refer, such as Solitaire or Minesweeper , for example.

In these lines we are going to focus on the second of them since on October 8, 1990 Microsoft launched them for the first time. Therefore, it is now 30 years since that launch that today we could define as historic and that reached Windows 3.1 users. To say that during these 30 years of history Minesweeper has excited millions of people. It is a simple game, but at the same time complicated focused on strategy.

It is 30 Years of Windows Minesweeper: Its Story

History of the minesweeper that turns 30

As many of you already know, we are talking about a logical puzzle game set in a minefield on a grid. The goal is to clear each square of it without clicking on a mine. At the same time we have to do it as quickly as possible. As squares appear, the clues appear as numbers. These refer to the number of mines located in the eight adjacent squares. In the same way we can mark with a flag the place where we think the mines are with the right button of the mouse . Of course, like an explosion, the game is over.

Therefore, although simple, this is an entertainment software that brings millions of users upside down over 30 years, which is no small thing. Perhaps its success is partly due to its simplicity, and the thrill of palpable danger. If you succeed, the challenge is to reduce your own time, or that of friends.

Saying that the game was originally called Mine and was created by Microsoft employees Robert Donner and Curt Johnson. At first it was intended for personal use but after the development of Windows 3.1, Microsoft’s product manager decided to include several games in Windows. So Robert Donner shipped his Mine with some small changes and Minesweeper was born. Once the game became available to everyone, millions of people played it and it became very well known.


In fact, this title was included in all versions of Windows from 1992 to 2009, that is, from Windows 3.1 to Windows 7. As a curiosity, say that according to the Guinness Book of Records, the fastest time to complete the three difficulties of Minesweeper is 38.65 seconds. This was established by Kamil Murański from Poland in 2014.

How to Play Minesweeper Today on Windows 10

At this time you should know that from Windows 8 Minesweeper became an optional application available in the Microsoft store, like the popular Solitaire . In fact, if you still want to use it right now in the latest version of Windows, continue on the Microsoft Store. Of course now we are going to find something more advertising than before and includes features such as the connection with Xbox Live, among other things.

Developer: Puzzle Games King

At the same time you can also find several free classic versions on the Internet . At this point we will tell you that one of the most popular can be played from this link . Here we find both the classic look of Windows 3.x , as well as new skins that change the appearance of the game.