Download Windows 10 ISO Insider 21H1 Build 20231

Currently, we all have our eyes on the second 2020 update for Windows 10: October 2020 Update , also known as 20H2. This new version will arrive in the second half of this month to all users through Windows Update. However, Microsoft takes the development of Windows 10 much more advanced, as we will know, within its Insider program. And now, the news that will come to Windows 10 in 2021 are at your fingertips thanks to the new ISO Insider that we can download from build 20231.

Just today, Microsoft has released a new update within the Windows 10 Insider program. This new build 20231 brings some changes to the Windows 10 out-of-the-box experience, and fixes a good number of bugs and bugs. Little by little 21H1 is taking shape, but the users who have access to it are quite few.

Download Windows 10 ISO Insider 21H1 Build 20231

Installing a new build from the Insider program is tedious. First we must install a normal version of Windows 10, then sign up as Insider users, choose the channel (DEV) that we want, and update the system through Windows Update. Perfectly, this process can take a couple of hours. And every week you have to download and install new versions.

Fortunately, Microsoft publishes new development ISO images of its operating system from time to time. Thanks to them, we can install the latest Insider build from scratch and be able to have a first contact with all future features without having to go through the entire previous process. And now, after a while without new development images, we can finally download the ISO Insider from build 20231 .

Download Windows 10 ISO build 20231

The new Windows 10 ISO image is available on the Microsoft website for any user to download. To do this, all we have to do is access your Insider portal and log in with our Microsoft Account to become part of the Insider program. We do not have to worry, since this will not affect our Windows 10 at all.

Here we must select the type of build we want to download (the one that interests us is 20231), the language and that’s it. We can now see two links, one for the 32-bit version and the other for the 64-bit version, which we can download.

Enlaces build 20231

We download the edition we want and that’s it. When we have it, we can install it to test its novelties.

Where to install a Windows Insider build

When we have the ISO, we can do with it what we want. If we record it to a USB we can install it on any computer as if it were another version of the operating system. However, we don’t recommend doing this as Insider builds are unstable and can give us a lot of trouble.

The best we can do is install this system on a virtual machine. It doesn’t matter if it is VMware, VirtualBox or Hyper-V. The important thing is to install it in an isolated and safe environment that helps us avoid that the bugs that these versions have can affect the way we use the PC.

Little by little, Windows 10 21H1 is showing interesting changes and news. Although there is still a lot of work ahead.