How to Configure Firefox to Protect Privacy

Everything related to privacy and security on the Internet is one of the topics that users have been most concerned about for a long time. This is something that we must take great care of from the Internet browsers that we use, as happens with Firefox, Edge or Chrome.

Precisely for all this, the developers of these proposals are increasingly focused on providing users with integrated functions that take care of this. Thus, with these what is intended is to protect users, as far as possible, against possible external attacks . Thus, as we have seen, over time the number of functions available in this regard has not stopped growing. This is precisely the case in which we want to focus on these same lines.

How to Configure Firefox to Protect Privacy

In fact we are going to talk about one of the proposals of this type better known as Firefox from the Mozilla firm. It is a browser that tries to compete, as far as possible with Google’s Chrome. In addition, if something characterizes this proposal with respect to other similar ones, it is that it wants to focus on the privacy of its clients. For this, it makes available to them a series of integrated functions to improve all this.

Customize the Firefox privacy page

This is a web browser that does not stop growing in every way, including what we tell you about privacy and security. In fact, among the sections that we find in its configuration menus, we see one focused precisely on security and privacy. It is worth mentioning that to access it we only have to write in the address bar, the following: about: preferences # privacy. Similarly, we can access it from the menu of the Options / Privacy & Security program. Once here we find several well differentiated sections.

Tracking protection

This is a part that has not stopped growing in the latest versions of Firefox and where we can adjust third-party tracking as much as possible when using the browser . Thus, we can choose the level of tracking that we want to use, depending on the needs of each case, or how strict we are with this issue. In this way we can choose between Standard, Strict or Custom.

Rastreo Firefox

Of course, we must bear in mind that as we are more strict in this regard, we avoid tracking certain websites , but some will not work correctly. That is the negative point of all this.

Cookies and passwords

As you will surely know, these are the elements that we must take care of the most here, we talk about the treatment with cookies and passwords. In this way Firefox offers us to have full control over these contents that we can personalize and adapt. In this way we have the possibility of accepting the arrival of cookies, their automatic deletion, or administration by websites independently.

Cookies y contraseñas Firefox

On the other hand, in terms of passwords , this is one of the sections that we must take care of the most. These are the ones that provide us with personal access to our online platforms, and therefore to our private data. Although by default the browser saves these passwords, this is something that we can customize from here.

So we can allow, or not, that they be stored in the program, suggested by it, use auto-complete, or protect all with a master password. It is evident that this last step is the most recommended to take care of all these passwords that we use in Firefox.

Protection against software and content

Another of the sections that we have to look at carefully and that has arrived some versions ago to the program, is this integrated protection system. It is the one that is going to be in charge of preventing misleading content or malicious software from reaching our team.

Bloqueo software

All this is achieved thanks to the blocking activities of these contents that Firefox itself performs automatically. Thus, the program prevents us from carrying out what it considers to be dangerous downloads that may jeopardize the security of the device. Obviously all this is something that we can customize, as well as the warnings that may come to us in this regard.

Permissions we assign in Firefox

And we are going to finish this section with the permission section. Actually here we talk about being able to customize and configure certain elements that we allow the websites that we visit from here to use. With these we talk about elements of the importance of the PC webcam, the use of the microphone, the automatic reproduction of content, the location, etc.

Permisos de Firefox

In this way we can adjust the use of the websites that we want to have access to these elements that we are talking about, as much as possible in order to increase our privacy.

Get Firefox away from Google with these steps

For many of the regular users of the Internet, one of the main sources that threaten their privacy is precisely Google . That is precisely why they stop using Chrome and opt for other options such as Firefox. However Google covers many fields, as most of you already know.

That is why even using this Mozilla alternative that we are talking about in these lines, Google reaches it. For example this happens in two sections that could be considered as basic, the home page and the default search engine. That is why we recommend modifying these two sections in order to remove Google from Firefox and increase our privacy here. For example, to customize the home page , we return to the browser menu, but in this case we go to Start.

Here we will see a section called New windows and tabs where we have the possibility to specify the page that will open when accessing a new tab or window. It is evident that we have to avoid the usual Google search engine that so many use.

Página inicio Firefox

On the other hand, as we mentioned, we should also change the default Google search engine to another. We achieve this in the Search section of the Firefox options. Here we already find the default Search engine section, where we choose another one from the drop-down list that appears. We have the possibility to opt for Bing, DuckDuck Go , etc.

Motor de búsqueda Firefox

Privacy protection extensions in Firefox

In order to further increase these security and privacy issues that we have discussed here, we can also take advantage of certain extensions. These will be very helpful to improve all this, as we will see with the cases that we will present below.

For example, Privacy Badger is an add-on , one of the best known in this regard, which serves to block trackers when browsing the Internet. In fact, as we use Firefox, this extension learns on its own what it is that it must block on a daily basis.

Developer: EFF Technologists
Price: Free

Another case that we can also draw on is HTTPS Everywhere. This is a complement that was born in collaboration with the Tor Project and that allows connection to websites always using the secure HTTPS protocol.

Developer: EFF Technologists
Price: Free

On the other hand with Ghostery we find a proposal similar to the previously mentioned Privacy Badger . However, here we will have some more adjustments to customize its behavior to our needs. This is how you inform us of the websites that track us and detect the arrival of cookies, all to protect our data.

Developer: Ghostery
Price: Free

And we are going to finish with DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials , the plugin that comes from the hand of the creators of the DuckDuckGo search engine. As you can imagine, this focuses its operation on the use of the aforementioned search engine. Thus, the extension helps us protect our personal data while browsing the Internet.

Developer: DuckDuckGo
Price: Free