Google Pixel: How to Activate the Dirty Lens Warning on the Camera

When we have problems when taking photos, blurred images are often the protagonists. We can believe that it is a failure of our sensor or phone, when in reality we are talking about dirt that influences the final quality of the shot. On many occasions we do not fall into this aspect, but the Google Pixels have a method that will alert us when the camera lens needs to be cleaned.

Google Pixel: How to Activate the Dirty Lens Warning

Although the Google Pixels have started to have more rear lenses since the Pixel 4, it does not take multiple sensors for the lens to fill with dirt. Hands with grease, dust and other dirt make an impression on the quality of the photos. Fortunately, Google devised a system for the Pixel camera application, which is also present in other models with a Mod adapted for this purpose.

Dirty lens notice

This is the “dirty lens” function, a kind of alert that will warn us in the event that we need to wipe the Pixel camera. This function is active in the camera options, so we will have to follow some steps to activate it, since it is a function that is not operational by default.

Google Pixel 3a XL

How active

In order to do this we will have to enter the Google camera application. Once inside, tap on the top of the arrow and click on “Settings”. When we are in this menu, we should look for the “Advanced Options” section at the bottom. Now we can see the option “Dirty lens warning” and we only have to press the switch to start it working. When the system detects that the lens must be cleaned, to get the best result in the photos, we will receive a pop-up notice.

aviso de lente sucia en pixel

Possible drawbacks?

Like all active system functions, dirty lens detection consumes some resources that may be necessary for some users. After all, cleaning camera lenses should be an almost ingrained habit for users who take photos frequently. Also, the system may not be entirely accurate at certain times. We can also find ourselves in the position that the notice jumps too often, so some users choose to end up disabling the function. Keep in mind that this detection tool is disabled by default.