How to Clean the Mobile Camera: Tips and Recommendations

Dirt is the greatest enemy of cameras, beyond the megapixels and characteristics of the lenses that our mobile have, we must take into account the cleaning of the lenses. We can not forget this important factor before each photo we take and that is why we offer you the best tips and recommendations for cleaning mobile cameras.

Clean the Mobile Camera

With just one pass correctly we will already notice a big difference in the photos. Nobody wants a precious memory to be spoiled because the smartphone camera is dirty and once you finish reading our explanations about what we should and should not do, you will have no doubts about the best cleaning method.

Clean your mobile phone camera thoroughly

By all, it is known that technological devices are not friends with water or corrosive products, for that reason if we want to leave the camera of our perfect mobile we must take into account tips that we also find when cleaning the screen of mobile phones . We will explain step by step how we should clean the rear cameras of the mobile:

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  • We remove the case: This step is very important, because we could make the liquids we use stay between the case and the lenses and end up absorbing it. This could cause us not to be able to take photos with our mobile phone again.
  • Microfiber cloth: This fabric is ideal for crystals and the lenses of the devices have glass on the outside. With the microfiber we manage to drag the dirt and leave no traces or marks.
  • We use a special solution for glass or screens: The glass cleaner may be an option, but we must be careful not to overdo it.
  • Remove debris with a swab : In case we have spots on the camera, it is best to wet a swab and remove them by wetting carefully.
  • Then with the microfiber cloth we extend it and drag the dirt . With small circles we will ensure that there are no marks on the glass.

The product that we recommend to clean the mobile camera is a kit that we can also use on screens, it has everything you need. From microfiber cloths with different sizes, to a special solution that will not damage the cameras. With a few drops we will have enough to leave the camera of our mobile shiny.

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The same method must be followed to clean the front camera , in this case taking care that the speaker at the top does not absorb liquids. Then we finished cleaning the screen so as not to find traces or debris that prevent us from seeing the screen in the best way.

How to clean fast mobile camera anywhere

We know that many times we are away from home and we do not have the cleaning product or even a microfiber cloth that can help you clean the cameras. In emergency situations the best solution is cotton shirts, rubbing in small circles and trying to get the best result with a little skill. The result will not be the same, but we will be able to clean the traces of our mobile or the remains of dirt.

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What you must not do

In addition to what we must do to clean the camera of our smartphone, we have to know the wrong practices that could damage the results of our camera, causing the results of the photos to be even worse.

  • Do not use your finger: With this solution we will only make the situation worse.
  • Do not put the mobile underwater: Even if it is waterproof, the result will be worse if we do not have a way to dry it well.
  • Do not use soaps or detergents: These products can leak and cause damage to our mobile.
  • Beware of scratching the lenses: We can choose a sweatshirt, but being aware that zippers and other tales damage the camera