Comparison: Redmi Note 9s vs Xiaomi Mi Note 10

The large number of devices that Xiaomi has on the market puts us in serious doubt when buying a new smartphone. The new Redmi Note 9s is one of the devices that has most attracted the attention of users and has created doubts when buying it with the Mi Note 10 , a smartphone that stands out for its photographic equipment.

The Redmi Note 9s could become a revolution and be that value for money smartphone that everyone wants. In front of this we find the Mi Note 10 , a smartphone that has been on the market for the longest time, being the mid-range option that has the best photographic equipment. We go to know each of its sections to know which is the best purchase.

Redmi Note 9s vs Xiaomi Mi Note 10

Design and displays in the mid-range

The changes do not take long to appear between these two smartphones, and in their design we see how the position of the cameras distinguishes a lot between the quadruple camera in square format of the Redmi Note 9s compared to the vertical cameras of the Mi Note 10. In its materials There are also changes, since the Mi Note 10 is made of aluminum alloy and the Redmi Note 9s is based on plastic but with improved sensations. Both share 208 grams in weight and in dimensions, the Redmi Note 9s is thicker and taller.

Mi Note 10 colores

Its screens are a very important section, the Redmi with 6.67 inches IPS in 20: 9 format and FullHD resolution with HDR10. Before this the Mi Note 10 with AMOLED technology and a 6.47-inch screen , in addition to HDR10 +. Both are good screens but the technology is a big difference that will give results with important changes, we must also take into account the curved screen of the Mi Note 10, a factor that can make us want it or on the contrary not convince us, according to our tastes.

Very even Snapdragon processors

The brain of these smartphones shows us how the medium-high range is increasingly offering better options. In the Redmi Note 9s the Qualcomm Snapdragon 720G processor works at 2.3 GHz sharing the Adreno 618 GPU with the Mi Note 10. This other model has the Snapdragon 730G with a frequency of 2.2 GHz, although this is not all, because we will see more changes also in its configuration.

Snapdragon 730G

With a configuration of 4 + 64 GB or 6 + 128 GB, the Redmi Note 9s comes very well equipped. Before this, the Mi Note 10 is only available with 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage. Although one of the absences of the Mi Note 10 is the SD card slot that we do find in the Redmi. Both are very well composed, but depending on the situation we will have to bet on one or the other.

Cameras for all tastes

We start by talking and getting to know the quad camera of the Redmi Note 9s in which its main sensor is 48 Mpx with f / 1.79 aperture , along with an 8 Mpx wide angle. We do not forget the portrait mode with a 2 Mpx depth sensor and a macro lens to photograph small objects with its 5 Mpx. The 16 Mpx front camera will allow us to take our selfies.

Redmi Note 9S

The great bet on lenses of the Mi Note 10 is captained by the 108 Mpx with f / 1.69 aperture that surprised everyone in its presentation, in addition to a 20 Mpx wide angle or the 8 Mpx telephoto lens capable of obtaining a digital zoom of 50 increases. It also has a 12 Mpx lens to get better data for portrait mode. In its front with 32 Mpx the selfie camera becomes a very bright with the f / 2.0 aperture.

Battery and connectivity

Inside we also have two large batteries, in the Redmi Note 9s of 5020 mAh and in the Mi Note 10 of 5260 mAh . But the differences are in fast charging, with 30W for the Mi Note 10 it will be faster to charge than the Redmi Note 9s with its 18W which is also very well equipped. Regarding connectivity, doubts do not appear, keep the audio jack and checking with NFC in addition to infrared or Bluetooth 5.0 LE, the Mi Note 10 is very well equipped. However in the Redmi Note 9s we miss the NFC despite the rest if it incorporates it.

Mi Note 10

MIUI 11 present in both models

In your operating system or the customization layer we have no problems or differences, we have one of the best customization layers and we will not miss anything. From dark mode to multiple customization options. Without forgetting the optimization that makes that in both models we can stretch the battery throughout the day without problems. In both cases under this layer is Android 10, the latest version of Android and we hope that both receive MIUI 12.

miui 11

Prices and purchase recommendation

At the time of taking a look at both models we find a great price difference, on the one hand the Mi Note 10 with 433 euros seems a very overrated device. After having known all its features, beyond the AMOLED screen , better cameras or the NFC and the fast charge improvement, its price is somewhat high. On the other hand, the Redmi Note 9s with all its benefits is at 223 euros on Amazon and could continue to drop.

The two smartphones are a great purchase, but if we do not have the money for the option of the Mi Note 10 and the AMOLED screen is not a priority or the NFC, without a doubt the Redmi is a purchase that we will not regret and we will also save enough money.