How to cancel and request a refund on Airbnb

Airbnb is a very practical service in which you can find accommodation wherever you go, both in your own country and in any other, with all the company’s guarantees and a large number of possibilities. You may have made a reservation for your vacation, weekend, a few days or any time and suddenly you no longer need it, or perhaps a problem has arisen on your trip.

If you want to cancel your reservation because you have changed your plans, you no longer feel like going to that site, you have found cheaper accommodation, that you like better or for whatever reason, you will have to go to the Travel section to cancel or make the changes what you wish. If you have not identified yourself, you will have to do so in Gmail, Facebook or whatever you prefer because otherwise you will not be able to access the service to manage the reservation you have made. There are also cases in which you can request a refund during your stay.

How to cancel and request a refund on Airbnb

How to cancel your reservation

If you want to cancel your reservation and get your money back, if you have the right to do so, we tell you how you can do it from your mobile.

In the Android and iOS app you can do it like this:

  • Go to Travel
  • Select the one you want to change
  • Give a Show more travel plans
  • Click on Show details
  • Tap Cancel reservation

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In the mobile browser you will have to do the following:

  • Go to Trips and choose the one you want to cancel
  • Select on Show more travel plans
  • Scroll to Show details
  • Click on Modify or cancel
  • Give to Cancel reservation

If it appears that you do not have any trips, check that you are using the correct account or visit the Help Center.

How do I know which refund belongs to me?

To know the cancellation details , it is very important that you read and know them in the ad and in the reservation process, before paying, to know the consequences of the cancellation and the term you have for it. This usually depends on when you make the cancellation and what policy the host has accepted.

If you’ve already booked , you’ll get this information in Show trip details, keeping in mind that the deadline to cancel and receive a refund is based on the arrival time set by the host (or 3:00 p.m. if you don’t do any) at the time zone of the place of accommodation. When you cancel your reservation , you will have a detailed breakdown of the refund that corresponds to you. If you cancel after arrival, there are cases where you could have a partial refund.

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If you cancel in the free cancellation period , the service fees of the app and the cleaning costs will be refunded to you in any case, provided that you have canceled before arrival. The return of property commissions will depend on the hosts. If you are going to do it due to force majeure , you may meet the requirements for reimbursement due to force majeure.

If the host is the one who cancels the reservation before arrival, you will receive a full refund automatically , without you having to do anything. Depending on the time remaining, the app can help you find new accommodation in this case.

Do it during the stay

If you have an unforeseen event during your stay , it is best to contact the host to help you solve the problem. If you want to request a refund or cancel the reservation, Airbnb can help you do it, although it is best to contact them first from the Messages section and try to reach an agreement. They can fix a problem, give you a partial refund, or cancel with a full refund.

The best thing is that you gather all the evidence you can, send a request to the host within 24 hours of knowing the problem, wait for a response and if they do not respond within an hour or reject it, you can contact Airbnb so that they can solve it for you as soon as possible. soon as possible.