Understanding How Poor 5G Coverage Affects Your Smartphone’s Battery Life

For smartphone users, especially those with 5G devices, battery life is a crucial aspect of mobile technology. It’s common to find that your phone’s battery drains faster in certain locations, and the culprit might be less obvious than you think.

Surprisingly, poor 5G coverage can significantly impact your battery performance, more so than merely having your phone’s network features turned on.


How 5G Connectivity Drains Battery Life

The primary reason your smartphone’s battery might deplete quicker in areas with poor 5G coverage is due to the way mobile phones manage network connections. When in a zone with weak or nonexistent 5G service, your phone doesn’t simply stop trying to connect; instead, it intensifies efforts to latch onto whatever signal is available, frequently switching between 5G, 4G, and sometimes even 3G networks.

This constant search for a stable connection forces the phone to work harder, which in turn uses more battery power. In contrast, in areas with stable 5G coverage, your phone can maintain a connection with less effort, conserving battery life.

Tips for Managing Battery Drain Due to Network Searching

  1. Toggle 5G Settings: If you’re in an area with known poor 5G coverage, consider switching your network settings from 5G to 4G or LTE. This prevents your phone from constantly searching for a 5G network, helping to preserve battery life.
  2. How to Change Network Settings:
    • Android: Go to ‘Settings’ > ‘Networks & Internet’ > ‘Mobile Network’ > ‘Preferred network type’, and then select 4G or LTE.
    • iPhone: Navigate to ‘Settings’ > ‘Cellular’ > ‘Cellular Data Options’ > ‘Voice & Data’, and choose LTE instead of 5G.
  3. Monitor Your Battery Usage: Keep an eye on how quickly your battery drains in different areas. If you notice faster drainage, poor network coverage might be to blame, and adjusting your settings could help.
  4. Use WiFi When Available: To further conserve battery, connect to WiFi networks whenever possible, especially in areas with poor cellular coverage.

Real-World Impact

In real-world scenarios, the effect of network switching on battery life can be significant. For example, you might notice that your battery lasts longer when you’re at home with stable WiFi and good network coverage compared to when you’re traveling in rural areas or regions with spotty 5G service.


If you find your smartphone battery draining unusually fast, consider the impact of your network settings and local coverage. By managing your connection preferences and being mindful of how your phone interacts with network signals, you can significantly enhance your device’s battery performance. This simple adjustment not only extends your battery life but also improves your overall mobile experience, especially in areas where 5G technology is still catching up.