How to Automatically Change Wallpapers on Huawei

Personalization is a very important part of mobile phones, for that reason we have a series of options in EMUI that allow us to change Huawei wallpapers without having to do anything. These options have changed over time and we are going to explain to you which versions of EMUI you can use each of them and the steps to follow.

fondo pantalla huawei

For tastes the colors that exist in the world, as they say and in this case the same thing happens, combining these options with the large number of wallpapers that exist, we will never tire of looking at our mobile and it will seem new or modified every time we catch them. To make the process easier, we will divide it into the two types of funds that we can use.

Automatically change your lock screen background

To achieve this, all we have to do is use and take advantage of Huawei’s many customization options. What we will do is the following that we explain to you:

cambiar fondo pantalla huawei automáticamente

  • We start by accessing the phone settings.
  • Then we go to the Main screen and wallpaper section.
  • Among the options that appear we go to Change of covers.
  • Then we activate the option and customize it.

Among the possibilities offered we propose to add moat from our gallery and / or combine them with featured images from Huawei, Leica photography, travel, transportation, famous people, style, general and sports. Being able to change these themes whenever we want. Just by doing this, the Huawei lock screen changes by itself every time we lock and unlock it.

Automatically modify the home screen background

The drawbacks appear when talking about the options of the home screen, since EMUI 10 you cannot change the home screen wallpapers automatically as such. In EMUI 9 we will only have to access Settings> Display> Wallpaper and activate the automatic changes option.

In the following versions we are satisfied with adding wallpapers that modify the appearance in Huawei, which are popularly known as animated backgrounds . These do not come by default on the mobile and we will have to resort to the mobile Themes application. Once inside the app we go to the top tab wallpapers and browse through the categories to access the animated ones.

fondos de pantalla animados huawei

Here we will find many styles and options among which there are several free. Applying it is very easy, because you just have to click on download and install, to see how our main wallpaper changes automatically every second, which we can modify whenever we want. We must bear in mind that these animated wallpapers consume more battery and we could miss the charger earlier.