Best Crossword Games for iPhone and iPad

Crossword Games for iPhone

Crosswords are a classic for increasing mental dexterity and even improving personal vocabulary. Now you don’t have to go to the last pages of the newspapers to find one, but with the iPhone and the iPad you will have infinite crosswords as we tell you below.

Classic crosswords

crucigramas clásicos

If you are a person who likes the classic, this is the game that is designed for you. The ultimate goal is to find all the vertical and horizontal words that make up the game from the definitions. There are thousands of definitions included in the database so you can enjoy it as much as possible. That is why the number of crosswords are infinite and also you will not have to pay anything for the game in exchange for seeing some scattered ads.



With a much more modern design you can put your ingenuity to the test with countless phrases that will appear. The protagonist of the game is an alien who has come to Earth and seeks to learn everything about the new planet he is on. The game consists of telling the story of an entire humanity through different challenges that you will find in the form of crosswords.

Self-defined crossword

Crucigrama autodefinido

If you have never solved a crossword puzzle, the first one may be a challenge for you. That is why with this game the clues are integrated into the grid itself right next to each word that has to be entered. In this way, a separate list is not required to carry out the different queries. All the crosswords that arise are generated from scratch by the application itself, so you will not find two alike.

Worlds of wonders

worlds of wonder

Put your vocabulary to the test with this game in which you will visit the wonders of the world and solve all the mysteries hidden in words. You can also face the rest with another person since it includes a multiplayer mode with which you can be up to four people to find all the words and even compete with friends on each of the boards.

Crosswords hobbies

crucigramas pasatiempos

Every day new crosswords will be available in this game with which you will hardly be able to get bored on a daily basis. With it you can improve general culture as well as vocabulary. In addition, the daily crosswords that are included are available in 5 different languages, so if you want to practice another language this is an incredible opportunity to do it for free. And if at some point you don’t know how to continue, you can always use the integrated tracks.



Puzzle game with which you will put your brain to the test when it comes to making different challenges that are established. You must bear in mind that the first levels that are presented in the game are relatively simple but that this difficulty will increase progressively throughout this adventure.

Crossword 10

Crucigrama 10

This game stands out for how simple it is visually, since it focuses on the most important thing: the crossword. Made-up stories or a more colorful and lively interface are left for you to enjoy a good experience during the game. In addition to being very light to avoid taking up a lot of space, it is also smart to select the words according to your level that is analyzed in the background.

Crosswords The Confidential


In the event that you are a lover of the political or social news of Spain, without a doubt the crosswords based on these facts will make you fall in love. With this application you will have that and much more since you can be informed of all the news at the moment through these entertaining hobbies.



Take on another person in a duel to find out who has a better vocabulary or general culture level. In each of the turns you receive five letters that you must place in the self-defined in less than a minute.