How to Add Wireless Charging on Any Mobile

Wireless charging is not a new thing. The most veteran of the room will remember how Nokia introduced this standard in some of its 2012 mobiles such as the Nokia Lumia 920. Later other brands such as Google followed with its Nexus 4 or LG. Today we can’t conceive of a flagship in 2020 without supporting wireless charging, something the new Galaxy S20 or Huawei P40 boast about. In addition, the technology is being improved to increase its speed and efficiency.

Wireless charging allows us to dispense with cables so that our mobile phone can be charged. Something very useful when posing on a table and so that the port suffers as little as possible. However, it has other limitations, such as using the mobile while charging, something that can be done in total comfort with the usual cable option.

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Wireless charging for everyone

The bad news is that wireless charging has not reached the midrange or entry range. It is something that will certainly happen, but many terminals from Xiaomi, Samsung, Huawei or even an almighty like the OnePlus 7T Pro, lack this possibility. Luckily there is a remedy to have wireless charging in these and many other mobiles.

In this case, the solution is to install a wireless receiver that will be attached to the back of our mobile and connected to the USB-C port of our device. The receiver with Qi technology can absorb the energy of electromagnetic waves on the surface of the device. It has a high absorption rate and resists heat, humidity or corrosion.

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How it gets

The method of attaching the wireless charging adapter is very simple. The wireless receiver must first be placed in the phone’s charging port . Then you have to remove the plastic film and stick the label to the back cover of the mobile. Finally, just place the mobile in a wireless charger to start charging it. The good news is that the charger works with most cases, not including metal ones. The good news is that this adapter is priced at 12 euros on Amazon.

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Buy wireless charging adapter on Amazon

To consider

Please note that the manufacturer warns that the adapter is not compatible with the following phones: Moto Z / Play, Moto Z Force / Droid, Asus Zenfone 3 Deluxe, Pixel 2 XL However, it is valid for all other phones with port USB-C charging. Keep in mind that it is normal for the terminal to heat up during charging. If it does not charge, it is recommended to try another Qi wireless charger to see if it is a problem with the charger.