Best Instagram Accounts for Creatives and Inspiration

To stand out within an image-centered social network, creativity is the key . Instagram is one of these networks and both in the feed and in the stories and even within IGTV you can do many things to attract attention. You just need a little inspiration, which is why we’ve compiled several extremely creative accounts.

Instagram accounts to shake up your creativity

instagram creativity

When you start to see accounts with a high level of creativity, beyond the talent when it comes to taking photos, illustrations or any other type of creation, you realize that there are multiple possibilities to further improve your profile. At least, try to adopt some ideas and thus take advantage of elements such as the grid of publications or stories among other elements.


Anna is an illustrator who takes great advantage of the grid view of Instagram. Thanks to that, it creates a kind of puzzle with which the individual images gain much more value when viewed together and form a kind of story or infographic. Take a look at his work and you will fully understand what we mean.


One of the most used techniques on Instagram is to resort to the mix between reality and digital art . artsypatee mixes both worlds very well and gives a touch of color with very striking soft tones. It achieves the same thing that is sometimes discussed: maintaining visual coherence at all times. That does not imply that everything should be of a single tone or black and white, simply that there is no element that collides visually.


With a common background that serves to compose three horizontal images, juniperoats makes use of this to have a very magazine feed with striking collages and a color palette that moves between aqua green and pastel colors in addition to a bit of black and white. Visually his feed is very attractive.


As you can see, taking advantage of the feed to assemble a kind of puzzle is common. But what is striking about this profile is that it does so by also mixing videos . For that you have to square well and know what is the frame that Instagram uses as a reference, but once done and despite the extra work it is worth it. If your account publishes videos regularly, even if it requires a little more work, it is very attractive to adopt some of the ideas that you will find here.


Fashion magazine, makeup themes, creativity, storytelling ? This profile has a more serious touch at the level of composition and style (or perhaps it is better to say serious), but it is still as attractive as the rest. Another way to deal with the visual aspect of an Instagram profile.


A profile where lettering has an important weight, this is the account of Along with the consistency of colors, sharing that white background in most of your posts makes it easily recognizable.


Have you ever sent a postcard? Well, this feed could say that it adopts this idea a little to share its daily life through its publications. To do this, he makes annotations on the edge of the images and the truth is that it gives a rather striking touch. As a travel journal it works very well.


Each publication is a small stopmotion with which it tells small stories. Occasionally mix with photos, but if you have to see something that is one of those little videos that start with the stroke of a pen.


One has a lot of lettering , but not always done in a traditional way. Here any element is valid to draw that word that they want you to read. M & Ms? Well, if you have to use them, they are even used to recreate the classic Spaces Invaders.


Very complete designer that shows lettering works, posters, murals, … it is a very colorful feed and you can know good ideas about how to transmit a message or ideas for that graphic composition you want to make.


Designer and illustrated enough complete that shows some of his work and other ideas that come to mind and published in his feeds. The poster images are the best, although do not miss the rest of the publications either because they are sure to inspire you.


Check out their feed and tell us if it doesn’t catch your eye with just a first glance. Those images where the canvas is a set of floppy disks or vinyl records are so striking that it is worth diving for their work. With it, he shows that there are many elements of our daily life that we could use to give a different touch to our publications and creative works.


Anniset has impeccable photography and plays very well with the perspectives that she combines with everyday elements that she finds. There is also an important point of composition that is sure to give you very varied ideas.

Write down the ideas and start creating

As you can see, these Instagram profiles offer multiple ideas when creating a series of interesting posts. There is a lot of talent and that is something to work on, but if what you needed was a little inspiration, you will surely find it here.

Now it’s just a matter of writing down those ideas that most appeal to you and start working on them. Surely, with a little effort, you achieve a striking profile too. And as you gradually improve the visual section, more and more followers will surely arrive.