How to Add Automatic Captions to Instagram Stories and Reels

Instagram began a matter of a few months ago to give the option of adding subtitles automatically in IGTV videos, now that function reaches the stories. An important improvement in terms of accessibility and also for the performance of its users’ publications. We explain how automatic subtitles are put on Instagram stories.

Instagram brings automatic captions to stories

dd Automatic Captions to Instagram Stories and Reels

If you are a regular user of Instagram, surely you have noticed how important efforts are being made from the social network itself to give much more weight to features such as Reels or stories.

The latter are still especially important for the platform, although the Reels have stolen some prominence from them. And is that although the former are the best bet in order to compete against TikTok, the latter are what make many users enter daily to see what the profiles they follow have published or even share their stories of the day.

Well, without neglecting other options such as purchases from the platform or the main feed itself that continues to be the basis of the platform, now the social network has introduced a new improvement in stories: the option to generate subtitles automatically.

A feature that comes after being enabled and tested a bit earlier on IGTV videos. How do they work? How are they activated? What benefits does it bring to users? We are going to see it calmly so that you understand the process well and some other details that you should also know.

How to add captions to Instagram stories

Let’s start with the basics, how do these automatic captions work? As their name suggests, they are generated by  themselves,  without the need for the user to intervene in the process. You do not have to do anything because it is the Instagram system itself that takes care of the transcription.

Once the story is recorded, all you have to do is indicate that you want the subtitles to be generated. In this way, the text is created that will later be seen on the screen during the playback of the story.

As you can imagine, being an automated process it is likely that the result is not 100% accurate. What a greater or lesser correspondence will depend on, since on several factors such as ambient noise, the quality of the microphones or the user’s own vocalization.

Luckily and as in other platforms that are also capable of generating these subtitles automatically, Instagram has valued the possibility that this transcription is not always accurate and gives the option of being able to be edited later.

Not only possible errors in the generation of subtitles is what can be solved, there will also be options to give it a different style with changes that affect the font, color, position and even the animation.

Now that you know this, how do you tell Instagram to generate the subtitles of a story automatically. Well, the process would be the following:

  1. Open the Instagram application on your mobile phone
  2. Go to the stories section and record regularly
  3. On the next screen, tap on the stickers icon to add a new one
  4. Find and select the new sticker to add automatic subtitles (Captions)
  5. Once added, the system will be in charge of generating them
  6. Now adjust the parameters of color, position, font, etc.
  7. Accept and you have your story with subtitles ready to share

As you can see, it is an extremely simple process, but there is a slight drawback: the subtitles are only available in English  at the moment and for certain countries. In the rest of the places where Instagram is operating, it will be necessary to wait until the system is sufficiently rolled so that it is feasible to use it globally and even in other languages.

So you have to have some patience or try to see if by changing the language to the phone and even “forcing” being in another country, the feature is activated to test it as long as you are used to speaking in English, especially with your own audience.

Improve the performance and accessibility of stories

Instagram Stories

During the last months we have seen how many applications and platforms finally bet on something as necessary as the improvement in accessibility . Something that for those who do not suffer from any type of disability may seem unnecessary, but at the least that you have some kind of vision, hearing or mobility problem, things change radically.

Therefore, with this addition, the truth is that the accessibility of the stories improves and facilitates consumption by all those users with hearing problems. And it is that they will already be able to know perfectly what is being said in them thanks to the automatically generated subtitles.

But that is not the only positive consequence, although it is the most important. Another added advantage of these subtitles is that they will help the performance or  engagement  of the stories. That is, as with video on other social networks such as Facebook, being able to consume content without activating the sound was something in high demand.

To be able to do it before or before publishing it, the user had to add subtitles by “burning” them with a video editor or resort to an option such as manually adding a text with the message from the Instagram app. Something that is not at all comfortable or similar.

By adding these subtitles when you can’t activate the sound or don’t want to, you will be able to know perfectly what is being counted. So very good for all of us who always carry our phones on silent.

What about the subtitles on the reels?

With the arrival of automatic subtitles to IGTV and stories, it is normal to think that the next step that Instagram should take are reels. Well, stop doing it because the Reels will also have the possibility to enjoy this option of generated subtitles.