How to Disable Automatic Updates on Huawei

One of the ways we are most used to on Android phones to prevent our terminal applications from updating automatically is by entering Google Play and deactivating. However, the US blockade has meant a before and after in Huawei, noting to the point that several models have already arrived in Spain without access to GMS .

This is a big change when it comes to being able to download the different apps on our new Huawei, as well as the simple fact of being able to disable constant automatic updates forever . Therefore, we will explain the steps you must follow if you have both a mobile phone with GMS and HMS, and you want to remove both the automatic updates of the applications and the system.

What is the HMS?

HMS or Huawei Mobile Services is a platform owned by the Chinese brand that they have used to replace Google applications and services on their phones. Although not all of them still have these services, although the list of Huawei mobiles without Google applications continues to increase. For now, we can find them in the terminals of the entire Huawei P40 family, including the pP40 Lite, the Huawei Mate 30 and 30 Pro, the Huawei Mate Xs, the Huawei P Smart S, the Huawei Y6p and the Huawei Y5p.

HMS Play Store

And, with this company service, external developers are provided with tools with which they can create their own applications. Which means that HMS has become a key piece for the brand to be able to create its own ecosystem, leaving aside everything that Google does for Android users and developers.

In HMS we will also have our own application store, which is AppGallery. In addition, as we have previously mentioned, these Huawei services have a component for developers , which is HMS Core. A section that is exclusively designed so that developers can create or improve their applications.

Disable automatic updates in HMS

As we already know, not all Huawei mobiles have these services, since there are still many terminals of this brand that continue to have GMS. In addition, these steps that we will explain below will be somewhat different with respect to mobile devices with Google Play Store. Therefore, if you want the different application update packages to never be downloaded automatically, you must first access Settings> Applications> Applications> HMS Core and then we will only have to go to Automatic update , and disable “Update automatically via Wi- Fi ”.

Actualización Huawei

But, in the event that you want to uninstall any type of update from any of the apps that you have installed on your mobile device, you must access Settings> Applications> Applications> HMS Core and then click on “Uninstall updates”.

Remove automatic system updates

The steps will be similar in the event that we want to deactivate the automatic updates of the system of our mobile device. To do this, we will have to follow the following steps, which will change depending on the EMUI version that we have in our Huawei:

  • For mobiles with an EMUI version 5 and later: you will have to enter Settings> System update> touch the Three dots and press Update settings.
  • On the other hand, for mobiles that have an EMUI version 9 and later: go to Settings> System> Software update> click on the Three dots and touch Settings.
  • EMUI 10 and later: go to Settings> System and updates> Software update> Touch the gear in the upper right corner and deactivate the options that appear.
  • In MagicUI 2.0.1 version: Go to Settings> System> Software update> Three dots.

Actualización Huawei

How to remove a system update

If in our case we do not want to update, but it has been downloaded to our mobile device. We will have to follow a series of steps that will change depending on the version of EMUI we have. In addition, in this way we will be able to recover that extra space that this update occupies. In the event that you do not want your system to update automatically, you will have to do the following:

  • EMUI 5 and later: Go to Settings> Applications> More> Show system processes> System update> Storage> Clear data.
  • EMUI 8: Go to Settings> Applications and notifications> Applications> More> Show system processes> System update> Storage> Clear data.
  • EMUI 9 and later: Go to Settings> Applications> Applications> Three dots (located at the top right of the screen)> Show system processes> Software update> Storage> Clear data.

How to deactivate them on Google Play

As we have mentioned, there are still many Huawei phones that have GMS. Therefore, in order to deactivate the automatic update of the applications, we will have to perform a series of steps. Although there is no greater difficulty, as they are quite similar. And it is that one of the main reasons that lead us to do it is because many of the new updates occupy much more space than the previous version, and it would not even be necessary to update it, as it will continue to work. Although it can also be the case as in some apps that force us to update to be able to continue using them.

google play actualizaciones 01

However, if our only intention is to get rid of automatic updates , we will have to enter Google Play> click on the three horizontal lines to access Settings. When we are inside, we will have to mark the option of “Do not update applications automatically”. However, if Google determines that the update of a certain application allows to solve some type of critical security vulnerability, it is quite likely that it will be updated regardless of the update settings that we have established.

Disable automatic system updates

We can also disable system updates , although it is recommended that these are always enabled automatically. Even in some Android terminals this comes by default. Since this way we will have all the security patches or the latest news that this update includes. To be able to disable them we will have to enter Settings> System and updates, once inside we will have to click on “Automatically download via Wi-fi” to disable this option.