How to Activate the RAW Mode in the Camera of a Realme

Our phones for a long time are more like photo cameras with attached smartphone. Every year we get to know more amazing camera features. In recent years, something that has spread to all of them has been the possibility of saving the photos we make in the RAW format , much richer, something you can do on your Realme .

Activate the RAW Mode in the Camera of a Realme

For some years now, most camera apps from different manufacturers have incorporated the functionality of saving photos in RAW format, something that can actually be useful to all users at some point in their life with the phone.

Why save photos in RAW?

Surely the question you are asking yourself, why would you want to save the photos in this format. Surely you have already heard the reason for this format being. But getting to the point is the way to access all the raw information generated by the camera when we take pictures with the mobile. Normally the camera of most mobile phones, also Realme mobile phones, saves photos in JPG format, which has been created to compress the file size as much as possible, practically without affecting its quality.

realme 7 5g

Therefore, what is achieved by saving in JPG is to have more free space on the phone. But in return we lose a lot of information about the photo, to the point that the RAW file can weigh up to ten times more . In that difference in weight there is a lot of information that is saved raw in the RAW file. Let’s say that this format is perfect to reproduce the photo in a physical format with its maximum size and resolution. If you want to guarantee the best quality, it is best to save the photos in this format.

How can photos be saved in this format?

Well, it is very simple, but for this you will have to use the manual mode of the camera of your Realme mobile, doing the following:

  • Enter the camera app
  • Select the “Expert” mode by sliding the different camera modes from right to left
  • Now in “Expert” mode, activate this format by clicking on the “RAW” button at the top of the screen.

Realme RAW

Once the mode is activated, two photos will be saved, one of them in the usual JPG format, and the other in DNG format , with all the information without compression. For example, a photo weighing 4 megabytes can weigh up to 30 megabytes in this format.