The Huawei P40, P40 Pro and Mate 30 Pro update to EMUI 11

Good news for the owners of these phones, who finally see how the new version of the Huawei layer is reaching their terminals. Now it is the stable version of EMUI 11 that is reaching Huawei P40, P40 Pro and Mate 30 Pro , so little by little it will reach all users.

Huawei P40 EMUI 11

Despite not being able to have Google services and apps, Huawei phones continue to be updated with new versions of the brand’s layer, as well as the new versions of Android that are arriving on the market, although with the limitations that all we know.

Stable version of EMUI 11

A few weeks ago we knew that the same was happening for the P40 and P30, although then we were not talking about a stable version. A new version of the Huawei layer that as usual has begun to reach some phones in different regions. Today it has been in Turkey where the first screenshots have begun to be shared showing the update to the new version of the Huawei layer.

Huawei P40 EMUI 11

This, as we say, is reaching the Huawei P40, P40 Pro and Mate 30 Pro through an update that weighs 1.11 GB and comes with version An update that also comes with the latest security patch available for these phones. Therefore, it is to be expected that in the coming days and weeks the update will begin to reach other regions in a stable way, including Europe with Spain. On this occasion, the stable version is therefore added to the Pro models of both generations.

Huawei P50

With this update, the Huawei P40 and Huawei P30 have some gestures that were recently released on the Huawei Mate 40 recently with its arrival on the market. A new song called ” Starry Night ” or ” Starry Night ” is also released.

Last update before HarmonyOS?

Everything indicates that this could be the last version of Android to reach these phones. And therefore the next big update they receive is the expected HarmonyOS , Huawei’s proprietary operating system that will be the alternative to the traditional Android.

harmonyos en movil

It is expected that over the next year several phones of the brand will adopt this new operating system. From what we have known so far, users of these phones could have the possibility of choosing to continue using the current Android or start using the new Chinese operating system.