How to Activate the Antivirus on Huawei Mobiles

Viruses and malware are very present in Android . The developers of this type of malicious software are always trying to sneak into the kitchen of our mobile. Having a good antivirus solution is more important than ever. Aware of this, many manufacturers such as Huawei integrate tools of this type so that the user does not have to install third-party applications.

Activate the Antivirus on Huawei Mobiles

On our site we often tell you about problems with viruses or malware, which even sneaks into the official Android bazaar such as Google Play. For this reason, downloading apps only from official channels is not enough and having an antivirus solution can be a sensible option. In the case of Huawei mobiles, this work is done with the Avast engine, a Czech security firm that is integrated into EMUI to carry out this task.

Virus Huawei

A default Antivirus

The Huawei antivirus acts automatically, and we will also receive a notification if a virus scan has not been performed for more than 30 days. To check if it is activated, we want to change some parameter of its configuration or directly deactivate it because we try some other preferred antivirus solution, we must follow the following steps.

Activated within the “Manager”

The first thing is to go to the “Optimizer” application, which depending on the version of EMUI we have, can be called “Manager”. Once inside, if you click on “Virus Search”, it is normal to see a message with the “Safe” icon indicating that our device is protected. If not, we will have to go to the main screen of the Optimizer and click on the Settings and click on “Online virus analysis”

Virus Huawei

In this case we will see three options. The first will allow the analyzes to be carried out only when the mobile is under a Wi-Fi network. If the data voucher is not a problem for us, we can also activate the “Wi-Fi and mobile data” option . As we say, if we have a third-party antivirus installed , we can save resources, battery and data by deactivating this option by clicking on “Never”. Likewise, within this same menu we can find options to activate or deactivate the following functions:

  • Smart Fit: If enabled, the system will retrieve the latest app configuration data from the cloud to ensure the best app performance.
  • Automatic cleaning of unwanted files : in this case the system will automatically identify the unwanted files and permanently delete them after 14 days.