Problems with the Proximity Sensor on Xiaomi: How to Fix it

Our mobiles are full of sensors that make it possible for us to use them for almost anything, some are more important than others, but somehow necessary. In several models of Xiaomi phones there have been failures related to the proximity sensor that prevent us from having a conversation on the phone as normal.

Problems with the Proximity Sensor on Xiaomi

Luckily for us MIUI has options for everything we need and we will have to resort to them if we want these errors to not happen again. It is not a specific model or only the Redmi brand and this means that many users have been affected, although from now on the error will not repeat itself.

Problems with calls on Xiaomi

These problems have their origin in a bad configuration that in Xiaomi models does not come by default well adjusted. This causes the proximity sensor of our mobile located on the top of the mobile does not fulfill its functions. When calling or receiving calls and bringing the phone closer to the ear we will find that we hang up the call or take some of the options without meaning to.

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An error that can take us a while to detect since we ourselves will have a very difficult time knowing if the screen is blocked when we approach it to the ear. The best method to find out is to make a test call to a relative or acquaintance and use the palm of your hand to bring it closer to the upper part of the device while we are on the call. In case the smartphone is not blocked, we will have to follow the steps that we show you.

Fix proximity sensor error with MIUI

To find the proximity sensor error in Xiaomi that we are in sections, we only have to go to the settings of our Xiaomi mobile, access the applications section and then touch on system applications. Among the options we will choose “call settings” and once inside we select “incoming call settings”.

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Once inside it is possible that we find the option to activate or deactivate the proximity sensor, an option that has been corrected in the latest models with MIUI 11 but that continues to cause problems on many devices. If we have the option, all we have to do is deactivate it and then restart the mobile. Then we repeat the steps and activate it to get it to work again.

Calibrate the sensor with the secret menu

In case this was not enough or the option does not appear in our model, we will have to resort to the secret MIUI settings. For this we go to the original Xiaomi phone application and type the following code without making a mistake: * # * # 6484 # * # *

calibrar sensor proximidad xiaomi

Once inside we go to option number 27 with the name “proximity sensor test”. From here we are going to test the sensor just by covering the sensor and checking how it varies according to changes in light and distance with our hands. It is probable that we will not detect failures and in any case it is recommended that we notify the error and fly back.

Now we have to touch on the three points in the upper right corner and touch on “proximity sensor calibration” to calibrate the proximity sensor of the mobile automatically. Once the process has finished, we restart the mobile and when we use it again, we should not find this annoying failure in Xiaomi that makes us miss calls.