The Best Connected Desk Lamps for Mobile Control

It is becoming easier to have all kinds of products connected in our home. Yes, we can have a complete smart kitchen, speakers that integrate a voice assistant that will make things easier than ever … You can even buy connected desk lamps to be able to control them from your mobile!

The problem is that the offer of this type of gadget is so extremely wide, that sometimes it is very difficult to find the model that best suits your needs. Not to mention that many of these products are advertised as smart, when they actually arrive simply with a remote control to control them.

Best Connected Desk Lamps for Mobile Control

Why buy a smart lamp?

Maybe you wonder how useful any of the smart desk lamps you will find in this compilation can be. Well, much more than you can imagine. More than anything, because all the models you will see can be controlled remotely. And no, not only can you turn the light on or off, but you can also regulate the power, adapting the brightness to the situation in which you find yourself.

Time to work? Well, light up your desk to maximize productivity. Do you want a special night with your partner? Well, nothing better than being able to regulate the intensity of the light from the lamp you have on the nightstand to give it a more romantic touch. Also, by being able to change the light tone , the possibilities are really wide.

Therefore it is clear that the options offered by this type of device is really wide. And, to make things much easier for you, we have prepared a selection with models of all kinds, so that you can find a suitable solution for you. Seeing the low price and functionality offered by this type of gadgets, it is one of those products that should not be missing in your home.



We started this compilation with the best connected desk lamps you can find, with a model from the Asian manufacturer. Yes, Xiaomi devastates its catalog of mobiles that boast surprising value for money. But the amount of brand products available on the market is surprising. And yes, it does have a few smart lamps with more than proven functionality.

We have an example in your Xiaomi Mijia Table Lamp 1S, one of the company’s best-selling products and that you can get more out of than you imagine. Mainly due to its different tones, ideal if you want to work for a while (with maximum power) and end the day with a more noticeable attenuation, ideal for reading your favorite book. And at a price of scandal!

Xiaomi Smart Atmosphere Candela Light

Secondly, we are going to recommend this other model from Xiaomi . In this case we are dealing with a desk lamp that can serve you perfectly for working, since the power is adjustable, although you will get much more out of it if you use it as a decorative element. By being able to regulate its power, it becomes an ideal complement to give it a different touch.

Connected by bluetooth, this smart lamp has a dedicated app where you can see different modes, such as reading mode, romantic, sleeping light … And its design, reminiscent of that of a candle, make it a

Lámpara de escritorio Philips

Philips Hue Signe

We turn to another of the great references when looking for connected desk lamps. Yes, the Philips Hue family boasts great prestige in the sector, thanks to the large number of options available to find the right lighting for your home. And this Signe model will surprise you.

We are talking about a desktop model that will serve to give a different touch to any corner of your house. Its design has been created so that the light bounces off the wall, achieving an impressive result that is reminiscent of the manufacturer’s Ambilight technology for its range of televisions. You will fall in love!

Philips Hue Go

Philips Hue Go

If you want less decorative and more functional lighting, this Philips Hue Go lamp will leave you with your mouth open. For starters, this model is adjustable, so you can control the power with your mobile. Yes, an ideal product to work, use to read in bed or even as an alarm clock.

More than anything because it has a 3-hour autonomy so you can take it wherever you want. The best? That its alarm mode makes the light light up little by little, simulating dawn, and making you wake up in a much calmer way, by avoiding the shock caused by the alarm of a mobile phone.

Lámpara de escritorio LE

LE Desk Lamp

We move on to a model that adapts to all voice assistants. And, this smart lamp from LE has support for Alexa and Google Assistant, in addition to being able to regulate its power between 2,000 and 6,000 K, more than enough for any user. And yes, its light is RGB, so you can choose the color that you prefer.

Lámpara de escritorio Hugoai

Hugoai desk lamp

And what about this other model from the manufacturer Hugoai. We are talking about one of the best cheap desk lamps you will find. Your weapons? It has adjustable color change through the native app it has, as well as WiFi connectivity so you can use Alexa or Google Assistant to control this model from anywhere in your house.

Lámpara de escritorio Wake Up Light

Wake Up Light Desk Lamp

Without a doubt, a clone of the Philips Hue Go and that has the same functionality. In this way, you can program this lamp as an alarm and its light will gradually increase so that you wake up better than ever. Add your support for Google Assistant, in addition to arriving with integrated FM Radio and you have a round product. You have doubts? Look at the excellent reviews it has on Amazon, to make it clear that your purchase is a sure hit.

Lámpara de escritorio Himaner

Himaner desk lamp

Without a doubt, a model with a different design. And it is that, its cube shape makes it possible to place it wherever you want. How could it be otherwise, this desk lamp is connected, being compatible with Alexa and Google Home. In addition, through the application you can control the level of brightness and color. A product with a price of demolition and that can be ideal for the children’s room.

Lámpara de escritorio LED Lucky Olean

Lucky Olean LED Desk Lamp

You are still looking for a model with a more traditional design. So, you are going to love this Lucky Olean product. More than anything because, under an aspect that will make it not stand out at all, there is a smart model that you can control from your mobile to control its intensity level. And, being compatible with Google Assistant, you can use the voice assistant to turn it on or off depending on your needs.

Lámpara de escritorio LBELL

LBELL desk lamp

To finish with this compilation, we are going to recommend another of those ideal desk lamps to wake up strongly. Its alarm mode is its main exponent, gradually increasing the lighting to wake you up in the best way. In addition, you can activate an alarm with tones of nature to make the whole process much more pleasant. And, thanks to the intensity of its bulb, you can also use this product to work. One two in one!