How Much Does it Cost to Change Each Component of Your Huawei Mobile

The mobile is one of the objects that we use the most in our day to day, since it contains all our data, personal information and accounts to communicate with our environment. By using it at all hours, the chances of damaging it or that a problem arises in its operation are high and that is why it must be taken care of. But there are times when we must fix it , a step that none of us like to take. Be that as it may, repairing a mobile is not usually cheap. In the case of Huawei phones, here we give you the prices of all its parts.

Screen protectors, covers, tempered glass, cases … We always do everything in our power to keep our mobile safe from falls, bumps or any other incident that could damage it. And there are times when even with all these accessories, in the most innocent way some part or component is damaged. We are never prepared for it, and less to have it repaired and run for several days without it.

How long is the warranty of my Huawei mobile

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If you want to repair your mobile at no cost, you must have its warranty in force. The law in Spain establishes a period of 2 years for all new products and 1 year for second-hand products. However, there are several things to take into account before having it fixed during the first 12 months of the warranty (in the case of a new product).

To begin with, during the first six months since you purchased your terminal, the store or the site where you bought it must take care of any errors or failures that arise, since it is assumed that it is a factory error. However, if the problem has arisen due to misuse and is very obvious, the seller may object to fixing it. During the next six months you have to follow the same rule, although in this case the seller may ask you to prove if the fault was already present when you purchased the mobile. On the other hand, you have 14 days from when you bought the device to return it, although it must not have been affected or presented signs of misuse at any time.

How to know if my Huawei is under warranty

There are different methods to know if our device is under warranty. First of all, the first thing we have to do is find our IMEI number, a unique identifier that all mobile phones have. The first method to know our IMEI number is the simplest, and it is enough to consult the box of our device, if we still have it. It is usually written on a white label on the back of the box.

If we no longer have the box in our possession, the second method is to do it from the Settings of our mobile. To do this, we must follow the following steps, which may vary slightly depending on the model:

  • On our phone, we go to the Settings tab.
  • Next, we must look for a section with the name of “Device / phone information” .
  • Once inside, we look for the tab with the name ” Status / About phone” .
  • The code will appear under the name “IMEI”, although you can find two if your phone supports dual SIM.

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The third and last method is done by entering a code in the dialer of the phone of our device. All we have to do is open the phone application and type the following on the keyboard: * # 06 # . Next, the mobile will open an advantage in which your IMEI will be shown. If you have dual SIM, you must write down the two numbers that are shown to you.


Average price of Huawei parts

As in the vast majority of manufacturers, we can find high, medium and low-end devices, depending on the performance, characteristics and quality of the components of each one. In any case, we are going to give you the price list offered by The Phone House for the different pieces of the three Huawei ranges.


The screen is one of the elements most exposed to breakage, since they are usually quite sensitive to shocks and falls. It must be taken into account if the screen is in one piece or if it is made up of the panel (which can be LED, AMOLED, retina …) plus the glass, which can raise the price considerably. The price of the high-end models ranges from 180 euros to 350 for the P40 Pro + or the Mate 40 Pro, the mid-range ranges between 70 and 100 and the low-end models from 70 and below.


The battery is the component that suffers the most and that degrades the fastest due to the prolonged use we make of our device. The prices of high-end batteries range between 50 and 70 euros, the mid-range does not exceed 50 euros and the low-end ranges between 20 and 40 euros, prices that do not vary much in this regard.


The speaker tends to be damaged mainly due to lack of cleaning, although it can also occur over time and of course due to bumps or falls. You can change it for about 50 or 60 euros if you have a high-end Huawei, less than 40 euros if you have a mid-range and between 20 and 30 if you have a low-end.

Rear camera

The rear camera is a fundamental piece in our mobile. If your mobile falls with the lid down and you carry it without protection, you can start praying that it does not break. For about 30 or 40 euros you can change it in a low-end Huawei, from 50 to 120 for the mid-range models and the high-end ranges between 130 and 240 euros for the P30 Pro.

Front camera

The front camera can be compromised if we drop the mobile facing the screen, as it usually happens in most cases. For less than 30 euros you can change it if you have a low-end Huawei, between 40 and 60 euros if it is a mid-range and between 70 and 90 euros if you have a high-end model.

SIM tray

The price of the SIM card tray coincides in the three different types of range. For 15 euros we can change this part in all Huawei models.

Vibration motor

The vibration works for all kinds of messages, notifications and calls on our device. If it has broken down, you can change the vibration motor for less than 30 euros for low-end models, between 40 and 50 euros for the mid-range and 60 and up for the high-end.

loading port

The charging port of our mobile is one of the elements that suffer the most due to the connection of the cable that we use to charge it. The prices of this piece go from 30 euros down in the low range, between 30 and 40 for the mid-range and from 45 to 55 for the high-end models.

Back cover

The back cover is also usually one of the most affected parts when we drop the mobile or suffer some damage. The low range goes from 20 or 30 euros, the medium range starts from 40 and the high range goes from 70 or 80 to 130 euros.

Is it better to repair it or buy a new mobile?

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Surely this question has haunted our heads on occasion when our phone has broken down. Before making any decision, the first thing you have to do is find out if your mobile has a valid warranty. If you still have it, the quickest solution is to make use of it and take the device in for repair. Of course, this will not cover breakages that occur due to falls or misuse, as well as theft, so in these cases it is always better to have insurance . We must look for one that offers us the greatest number of solutions so that we can get the most out of it.

On the other hand, if you do not have the guarantee, you must take other factors into account. First of all, you should know the extent of the damage to your device and how much it would cost to fix it. There are times when parts are very cheap, such as power or home buttons. In this case, it is best to fix it to save us some money. In the case of the most expensive parts, it is usually not worth it, such as the motherboard. This component is the most expensive of the phones, and in most cases we have to pay more than 100 euros, being able to reach 300 or more in the most premium mobiles.

Finally, the time that your mobile has can also play in your favor against. If you decide to buy a new one, you should know if it improves the one you currently have in terms of benefits and characteristics. If, for example, you have had a phone for two or more years and the repair is going to cost you a lot, you can get another with better specifications and at an affordable price.

The special case of Huawei and the GMS

As you already know, Huawei cannot install Google services on its phones due to the commercial blockade that the United States implemented on all its companies. It took place in May 2019 at the hands of Donald Trump, when the then American president decided to suspend business with all foreign countries in search of global technological dominance.

This created a kind of technological cold war between the two giants, and Google stopped providing updates to its Android mobile operating system for the Chinese brand, which would be left without Google support for both its operating system and its applications and services. Therefore, Huawei mobiles that were manufactured before this date do have the services of the Californian company, so if you decide to buy a new device you should know that you will not have them available.