How Digi ports are opened regardless of the router you have

Digi uses a wide variety of routers, both those it currently installs and those it has installed in the past. That is why, although the process to open ports on a router is quite similar, it can be complex to know exactly how to do it on your Digi router model.

How Digi ports are opened

The operator of Romanian origin has a section dedicated to this matter within its help section, but it gives some fairly generic steps that do not delve into the specifications of each router that Digi has been able to install for you . Luckily, there are also some manuals published by the operator with all the router brands it installs, which include more specific steps for configuration.

In order to open the ports of your Digi router, remember that you must have Connection Plus activated , except for port 25.

Digi Zyxel Router

If you have a Zyxel brand router that Digi has installed for you, the first thing you will have to do is enter the router configuration menu. On a device connected to the network, type in the address bar of a web browser and press Enter.

Routers Digi marca Zyxel

Zyxel Digi Routers

It will ask you for the access codes, which by default in this router are “user” for user and also “user” for password. Once you have accessed, within the multiple configuration options that you will find, you will see the one necessary to open the ports by displaying the menu in the upper right corner of the screen and entering Network Settings > Network configuration > NAT . Once there, click on Port forwarding and complete the information requested in the name fields (to identify the device for which you open the ports), protocol (TCP, UDP or TCP/UDP), device IP, port o port range (you must define them the same in both WAN Port and LAN Host PORT).

If you prefer to open the ports through DMZ, you must access the DMZ that you will find within the NAT menu, enter the IP of your device and click OK.

Digi ZTE Router

Follow the initial steps to enter the router configuration ( and log in with the router’s default credentials (user/user). Once inside, you will find the specific section to be able to configure the ports of the ZTE router following the following path: Internet> Security/Seguridad> Port Forwarding/Forwarding of ports .

Routers Digi marca ZTE

ZTE Digi Routers

In this section, it will basically ask you for the same information as in the previous router: name, protocol, device IP and port or range of ports that you want to open. For DMZ, you’ll find the option within the security menu, next to Port Forwarding. Check the “Enabled” box and enter the IP of the device.

Huawei Router HG8147X6

We will find news here to access the router ( and also regarding the username and password. For the former, “user” is kept, but the password is “digi”. Once inside, the process is pretty similar, but you might get a bit lost because the settings menu is in English.

Huawei OptiXstar HG8147X6 router wifi 6 digi gpon

Huawei OptiXstar HG8147X6

You have to follow these steps Forward Rules > Port Mapping Configuration > New . Once you start this new configuration, you have to write the different parameters: Mapping name (explanatory name of the redirection), Internal host (LAN IP of the device to which you will redirect the ports), Protocol (TCP, UDP or TCP/UDP protocol) , Internal Port Number (the port number, with the possibility of ranges) and External port number (you have to specify the same ports as in Internal port number).

Once everything is configured, remember to check the Enable Port Mapping box and click Apply so that the configuration is saved.