The best app to listen to audiobooks

We can read books in conventional format or read them in the electronic book or ebook. But there is also a fashionable format that is gaining more and more followers: the audiobook. It allows us to listen to books when we are driving, when we are on public transport or even before bed if we are one of those who like to fall asleep listening to something. There are all kinds of pages and applications to listen to audiobooks that we can use to download novels, essays, etc.

From your Android or iOS smartphone you can listen to books wherever you want and from all kinds of genres . Current literature, classic, science fiction or essay. All the genres that interest you and all the themes, including children’s stories or scientific books that we can take into account when downloading them in these apps.

What is the best app to listen to audiobooks


Audible is Amazon’s app or service for listening to audiobooks. It is the Amazon audiobook application but it is not a free option but a subscription service that we have to pay month by month. Audible has been operating from other countries for years with 90,000 titles in Spanish and with all kinds of well-known voices such as Michelle Jenner, José Coronado or Emilio Aragón, as well as classics such as Miguel Delibes and Eduardo Mendoza.

Developer: Audible, Inc.

Audible is priced at 9.99 euros per month for any user and not necessarily being an Amazon Prime customer to use it. In addition, you can have a free trial for 30 days without obligation and test the service and the audiobook application. And if we are Amazon Prime customers we can use it for three months at no extra cost.

The subscription has no permanence and is one of the best apps to listen to audiobooks as long as you are willing to pay for it.

Google PlayBooks

Google Play Books is not as such a page or application that we can use to listen to audiobooks, but rather a store or catalog of them. It is an app that we can have on our mobile phone and in which we can access a catalog of hundreds of titles available in audio format. We can access from the web and accumulate or buy them to listen to them from the mobile phone, for example, or we can buy them directly from the application for smartphones.

We can add books to the wish list to keep them under control and buy them when we need them. Or we can add them to our library and sync them across devices to pick up where we left off last time , for example. In addition, there is content of all kinds and not only audiobooks but we can buy books to read on any device on which you have the application.


If you want free audiobooks, iVoox is the quintessential application for listening to podcasts, but it also allows you to listen to a large number of audiobooks, short stories, or stories. We can search for the programs that we like on the radio but we can also explore among the different categories to download books of all kinds. In addition, it is free and there is a lot of content available without paying.

Another advantage of iVoox is that we can download them to listen to them offline even without having to pay for them and without spending data, but the main drawback of the application is that it has much less content than other audiobook apps on this list, as you can be Audible, for example.

It is available for iOS and Android and we simply have to download it on our mobile phone and go to the category of audiobooks and podcasts where we can find all the available titles. We can also synchronize the contents from the browser if we access our account and organize the different audios that we have.


Although we don’t usually use it for this purpose, Spotify also has some audiobooks that we can find like any other disc in the application. Spotify is free and we can use it at no cost even if we register with it. Yes, we will have ads. In addition, it is one of the most complete applications to listen to music and one of the most useful that we can have on the mobile phone.

We simply have to download Spotify for any mobile phone and here we will search for the different contents. We can search by author or by specific audiobook, but there are also playlists that allow us to find children’s stories, audiobooks in English or audiobooks by classic authors such as Jorge Luis Borges or Mario Benedetti, for example.