How to hide photos and videos in the gallery of your Xiaomi mobile

hide-photos-xiaomiA few days ago we talked about one of the most interesting secret details of MIUI that allowed to hide notes on Xiaomi mobiles . Today we are going to take advantage of the same system to teach you to hide photos on mobile phones of the brand and hide your contents from prying eyes when you leave your phone to someone.

The most popular mid-range smartphone brand in the market began its business development by developing an Android-based customization layer: MIUI . And it is the operating system, in its different iterations, that allows us to hide our photographs and videos without having to go to any of the many third-party apps that fulfill this task.

And it is quite common that most of us often share our phones with friends or family members for several reasons. At this point our privacy is threatened at times but if you follow our following tips to protect and hide the photos and videos on your Xiaomi mobile, you have nothing to fear.

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Hide photos in MIUI

You can hide your photos from the gallery app, making those hidden photos synchronize with My Cloud. To hide images or videos on your Xiaomi mobile you must follow the following steps:
  • Open the Gallery application.
  • Select the photos you want to hide from it.
  • In the lower menu, click on the “hide” button.
  • These hidden photos will be transferred to a section of the invisible gallery for the common of mortals and will be protected by a pattern or password that you must enter previously.

To locate them, you must go to the albums tab of the Gallery app, swipe down on the screen, enter the access code or pattern, select the photographs you want to see and click on the Show button in the lower menu.

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The hacker method

There is a way that is quite unknown by the common user worse employed by numerous computer experts: rename the file to hide it from the gallery.

You can do it by changing the name through the file manager of your phone. Simply delete the extension .jpg, .jpeg, etc. that make an image appear in the smartphone gallery. Of course, in this case, your images will not be hidden since they would be accessible through the file manager but at least these photographs or videos will not be displayed in the gallery.