Best FLV to MP4 Video Converters for Windows 2019-2020

FLV is a format widely used among the community and of low weight, in consideration with the MP4 format. But today, the MP4 format is more used and with greater compatibility in the vast majority of applications and players. For this reason, we will show you the best converters from FLV to MP4 with which to obtain a quick and simple process.

Conversion between formats is something that is possible and is easily done, since there are many applications dedicated exclusively to it. But of all of them, some contain extra functionalities, or a greater ease of use than others.


For this reason below I show you the best converters from FLV to MP4 available so far.

The best converters from FLV to MP4

Wondershare UniConverter

From experience in the use of converters, this is one of the best designed and adapted for the use of any user. In addition, it has a large number of formats to convert (including FLV to MP4) and tools, among which is to burn discs.

But there is a bad part for many, and it is a payment program, although we have a totally free trial, which we can download in the link that we have available below.


Wondershare Uniconverter: Download here

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FreeMake Video Converter

This converter is quite useful and simple. Unlike the other, we do not get the same tools, and we will even have fewer conversion options, but in this case we will only use FLV to MP4 so it fulfills its mission completely.

In addition, it allows us to convert both video and audio, even from a URL.

If what we are looking for is something simple, efficient and fast, while it is free, this option is quite right. We can download it in the link that we will find below the image.


FreeMake Video Converter: Download here

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Any Video Converter

This video converter that is gradually released. Although we have a somewhat outdated interface or even a somewhat complicated principle, we will realize in a few minutes how easy it is to use.

In addition, we have information that may be interesting, as well as tools for editing and retouching the video before conversion. So it can be a free alternative to conventional or more used converters.

We download it for free in the link shown below.

Any video

Any Video Converter: Download for free here

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This program has been known primarily for its video compression function. But on top of that, we have quite a variety of options to interact with. And among them are those of converting the video to MP4 format.

In addition to this format, we have other quite peculiar formats and presets for the conversion of these. For this reason we recommend trying Handbrake , and for its wide range of possibilities with which to interact.

Interfaz de HandBreak

Handbrake: Download here

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Free HD Video Converter Factory

This program is little known, but it is an alternative to other better known quite good.

As soon as you enter, they explain how to convert a video in just 3 simple steps. In addition, they allow us to choose the quality of the video format to which we want to convert it by simply moving an available bar at the bottom.

As we appreciate in the picture. We have a fairly simple interface, so it would be almost impossible not to know how to use or make a conversion wrong.

free hd video

Free HD Video Converter Factory: Download for free here

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VLC Media Player

Yes, this program that we commonly use for the reproduction of our videos, also allows us to convert them.

It is not a very prominent option within the program, since it was and is known for its video player and not for the tools it incorporates. But the video conversion tool works quite well, although in large files it can be somewhat slow.

Something that we can highlight is that, in compression, the video does not lose quality, and the weight can be significantly reduced. This option is available in the ” Medium> Convert” tab .


VLC Media Player: Download for free here.

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Free MP4 Video Converter

This program allows us to convert almost any video format to MP4. Its interface is simple, but at the same time attractive to the eye, it allows us to convert videos with a few clicks. We also have two drop-down windows in which we can choose the format and quality of this.

The developer of this, has a converter on the same online download page, with which we can also convert our videos that way.

Free MP4 Video

Free MP4 Video Converter: Download for free here

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Unlike the others, this program works as a video editor and at the same time we have conversion tools for it. It can be somewhat more complicated for users, but for those who use video editing, it can be quite useful and interesting.

This editor is not too complicated to use, although if we compare it with the previous options, it complicates something else. If you dare and see yourself capable, go ahead, since it is free.


Shotcut: Download free here