Have they scammed us with 5G?

Mobile telephony has evolved a lot over the years. Today the best networks to which we can connect are 4G and 5G. The latter is not yet available everywhere, nor is it offered by all carriers. But in this article we are going to talk about whether it really improves our connections as much as promised. We are going to show our own experience in a specific case .

5G also suffers in crowds

Have they scammed us with 5G

One of the main problems that many of us have always suffered is crowding . We go to a sporting event, a concert or any place where for some reason there are many more people than usual. We try to connect to the Internet and we see that the connection is not going well and we notice it in the speed. It happened with 3G and also with 4G. But does 5G really improve in this case?

One of the promised improvements was precisely to reduce problems when there were crowds. Better speed and coverage indoors and respond better in circumstances where there is a lot of saturation. But in my experience, the first time I’ve really done a real litmus test with 5G, it hasn’t been what I expected.

Specifically, I have tested it in a pavilion during a basketball game with 7,500-8,000 people. It is a place where I always used to have problems with both 3G and 4G in specific events. What have I been able to verify when connecting to 5G? An hour before the game, before the arena started to fill up, my internet was working fine and when I tested the speed it was over 40 Mbps.

Things changed when the pavilion was filled. There, connected to the 5G network, I began to see that it was not going well. I never lost the connection, yes, but when doing speed tests it did not exceed 1 Mbps . Same place as an hour before, but with 7,500 more people around me. Is it a specific case or does 5G really not improve the connection in crowds that much?

Waiting for real 5G

But what I mention can have a clear explanation, and that is that for now the real 5G has not been deployed , or what will be known mainly as 5G+. Note that 5G initially relied on 4G networks, known as 5G NSA. It is expected that throughout this year, little by little, the operators will announce the real 5G and implement it in more places. It is the same as when we talk about the differences between 4G and LTE.

This 5G+ or real 5G is going to have its own antennas and there we should see significant improvements in terms of speed, stability and, supposedly, forget about the problems in crowded places. Is it true that we can finally forget about our problems when we go to a massive event?

For now it’s time to wait for the 5G+ or real 5G to be available and we can carry out tests to see to what extent it really improves on the 4G or even the 5G that we can currently use. At the moment, at least in my case, the 5G that I can currently connect to has not improved in a specific situation where I had problems with 4G.