Flight Simulator asks for your help to rebuild the world's largest plane

Unfortunately, we have been in conflict between Ukraine and Russia for a whole year and there have been many news items that have moved us around this catastrophe. Luckily, the Ukrainian people are having the support of a good part of the international community and now, in some way, we will have a new opportunity to contribute our bit to lend a hand through Flight Simulator .

The biggest plane in the world

Flight Simulator

The Antonov AN-225 was for many decades the largest aircraft in the world, intended for loading large and heavy parts and components. If the giant parts of another aircraft needed to be moved for assembly , this Ukrainian (ex-Soviet) colossus was there, as well as any other equally bulky and heavy cargo that would fit in its gigantic hold. It was the equivalent (although earlier) of the famous Airbus Beluga, which also has gigantic dimensions and its nose rises to let through whatever it has to transport.

As we told you, it was in the first moments of the conflict after the Russian invasion that the fighters set their target on this giant of the skies that was, in some way, a symbol of the old USSR in Ukrainian hands and, therefore, a target to burn it. Which happened just a few hours after the start of the war.

From the beginning, the Ukrainian authorities already made it clear that sooner or later the Antonov AN-225 would be rebuilt again and those tasks are already underway, so we have the good news to give you that you will be able to participate by contributing your little grain of sand thanks to Flight Simulator and downloadable content in which this giant will once again take to the skies.

A DLC for a good cause

As we told you, Microsoft announced a few hours ago that we already have available a new pack with a single aircraft for Flight Simulator centered on the AN-225 model of the well-known company Antonov Corporation. Thanks to this DLC we will be able, not only to fly through the skies with this giant and notice its enormous weight during the flight, or when maneuvering, but we will also be able to access other content also related to the same company that has to do with liveries that offer a different look depending on the one we choose:

  • Antonov Airlines 2010
  • Antonov Airlines 2008
  • Antonov Airlines 2006
  • White
  • Xbox Aviators Club
  • Aviators Club

The price of the DLC of this plane is 19.99 euros and it will be entirely dedicated to its reconstruction, a task that the Ukrainian government itself has imposed through its president Zelenski, who wants it to serve as a tribute once fully recovered to all the pilots and soldiers killed in the war and, at the same time, as a demonstration of the spirit of resistance of his people. So if you’re a Flight Simulator fan and want to have a slice of Antonov AN-225 practically in your name, you know what to do. Don’t you think?