How to Have MagSafe on Any Phone Regardless of Brand or Model

Have MagSafe on Any Phone

When Apple introduced its latest iPhones and talked about MagSafe, the magnetic connection that would allow the precise attachment of various accessories through a system of magnets, many of us thought it would not be so bad. Now that the months have passed and the different uses that it can be given have been seen, things change. Mophie has the solution to have MagSafe on any device . Although, as you will see, they are not the only ones capable of providing other terminals with this option.

The advantages of MagSafe

About MagSafe, the magnetic connection of Apple’s new iPhones, not much more needs to be said at this point in the movie. The system devised by Apple, although it is nothing really new in reality, improves the use of certain accessories by allowing the connection and fixing between them to be much more efficient. Something that is ideal considering that there are no connectors that fit one inside the other as usual.

Thus, for example, one of the great beneficiaries is the built-in wireless charging system. Thanks to MagSafe, the union between the wireless charging base compatible with the connector and the device itself is perfect, aligned, and that guarantees a more efficient charge. Another thing is that Apple wants to use more power to accelerate the load as other brands do.

Of course, for the issue of Qi charging, it is not the only thing that MagSafe is taking advantage of or why most of them really want to have this system of magnets. Accessories such as Apple’s magnetic wallets, tripod mounts such as Moment’s, charging bases that allow you to place the terminal and generate that feeling of floating, etc., are what are really making many users feel attracted to this system. magnetic that surely sooner or later it will end up copying other brands of telephony, etc. to its shape.

How to have MagSafe in any terminal

If you are one of those users who would like to have a new iPhone just for the sake of enjoying the advantages of MagSafe, we are going to show you a solution that will give you that opportunity without having to change your phone. Because not always one can or wants to change doing it if today it continues to offer everything that you really need.

Mophine Snap Adapter is the accessory that Mophie sells and that allows you to add a ring compatible with what is MagSafe, or almost. Because this magnetic ring with one of its adhesive faces will not make your iPhone prior to model 12 gain certain advantages, the only one will be the fixation provided by this magnetic sticker.

Mophine sticker includes in. the box is a guide with which you can position it in a very simple way and, above all, with great precision so that the phone is perfectly aligned on the back. Where is also the Qi charging system of these phones. So if you use a charger designed for phones with MagSafe nothing strange happens.

In theory, this MagSafe sticker is designed for Apple phones from iPhone 8. The reason is simple, they are the ones that offered wireless charging and it is with this type of chargers where the system is best used. Although if you are interested in using it on an iPhone 7 or lower you will not find any impediments. But you will only be interested in using the Moment mounts, the Apple wallet, etc.

Alternatives to Mophie’s MagSafe sticker

Are there more options of this type? Yes. Other brands such as Satechi also have stickers that allow you to add the magnetic connection to iPhone models prior to 12. You can also find similar solutions in other stores such as Amazon. Here you just have to take into account the power of the magnets used and the adhesive that is used to fix the sticker to the phone.

Satechi Magnetic Sticker

This option has a very good quality finish and is elegant. The only problem is the thickness, greater than that of other options that you can find. So you have to value that aspect. In addition, it will prevent you from using covers and that may not be something that you contemplate when you want to protect it in the best possible way against accidental falls that your phone may suffer.

Elago magnetic adhesive

The well-known accessory manufacturer also has its own proposal that allows the magnet system proposed by Magsafe to be fitted to any phone, whether or not it is from Apple. Thus, if you have chargers or other accessories compatible with MagSafe, you can also use them with your Android smartphone or a model prior to iPhone 12.

Pack of 2 magnetic stickers “MagSafe”

Finally, there is this other type of stickers that are designed so that you can place them both on the device itself and on a case. Ideally, always do it on the surface of the back of the phone, because this is how the sticker will have a better fixation. Especially if your idea is to later use it placed on certain accessories such as Moment type tripod mounts or similar. Because doing it wrong and seeing how the phone falls to the ground one day should not be pleasant.

So ready, here you have different alternative options to the fixing system by magnets that internally integrate the latest iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max. Our recommendation is that you always opt for quality brands and even see what other users think to know to what extent you can trust. But if you have accessories that are compatible with MagSafe or want to take advantage of its advantages with other products, it can be frankly interesting.