The OnePlus 9 Pro and the Controversy Over Its True Water Resistance

OnePlus 9 Pro and the Controversy Over Its True Water Resistance

The Chinese firm OnePlus has launched its new models this year, among which is the OnePlus 9 Pro , a phone that is undoubtedly one of the most prominent on the market today, due to its characteristics, design and its brand new Hasselblad camera. But there is one aspect that has not been clear from the beginning, and that is its resistance to water.

Not all mobiles have IP68 water resistance, but when we talk about top of the range it is normal to wait, as in this case. But the funny thing is that in the technical sheet of this phone you will not find this feature anywhere. So what’s up?

It’s waterproof, but they don’t want to say it

That this OnePlus 9 Pro is a waterproof mobile is something that all users know, because basically the predecessor of this terminal already was, but they do not know it because this feature appears in the specifications of their phone. In fact, when we look at its data sheet, there is no trace that it has IP68 certification , which is what allows us to think that a phone is waterproof, although always with certain limitations. With this certification we can submerge the phone 1.5 meters without damaging it. And yes, the OnePlus phone has it, and now we have learned from the head of OnePlus why it is not discussed in the specifications.

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The CEO of the brand, Pete Lau, has said on this subject that “It is one of the characteristics that we have done well with this phone but we do not want to talk about ” without a doubt some mysterious words to talk about a feature that Having the phone is normal for it to be advertised as such not only in the specifications, but also in the Marketing materials. Therefore, the brand confirms that, yes, it is IP68 certified and therefore water resistant.

But why don’t they want to talk about it?

That is the question we ask ourselves, if it has this characteristic, why is it not talked about. And it is that according to Pete Lau “Taking into account that the environment of real use and the conditions of the users are very different, it is impossible to pass the test according to laboratory standards”

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In fact, Pete Lau reminds users that although the phone is IP68 certified, they do not recommend immersing it in water, not even the slightest bit, because they understand that each real situation of use of each user is different and cannot be guaranteed. tightness obtained in a closed test such as certification. So yes, your OnePlus 9 Pro is waterproof, but only under your responsibility, since in this case the company washes its hands, pun intended.