HashPass: a Program to Create Strong and Encrypted Passwords

The privacy and security of all our data are two of the sections that most concern today’s technology users. To take care of all this, we can use certain programs that will be very useful, such as HashPass.

Despite all the advances our devices and software experience over the years, passwords continue to be one of the most used protection systems. By this we mean that, in these times, we have a good number of options, for example fingerprint or iris readers. All this that we are talking about can be useful to protect access to platforms, programs and equipment where we store private data.


Every time we use a greater number of passwords of all kinds, and they should also be complex. This makes it difficult to remember them, for which their managers can be very useful. But at the same time, these must be different in each place where we use them, so inventing them is sometimes a bit complicated. This is where the program we are talking about here comes into play.

What will HashPass be useful for on the computer?

Specifically, we refer to the application called HashPass , which is actually a somewhat special password generator. This is because it carries out a hash of certain texts and turns them into strong passwords for us to use. For those of you who don’t know, a hash is a cryptographic function that uses a mathematical algorithm to transform any block of data into a new fixed-length character string. Thus, regardless of the length of the input data, the output hash will always have the same.

Well, this is precisely what the program we are talking about in these lines focuses on to create secure passwords, as we mentioned. Keep in mind that the aforementioned password managers make our lives easier in this regard. In fact, many of these programs, in addition to saving passwords, create complex passwords so that we don’t have to remember them. Therefore these password managers come with some of their own functions to create strong and unique passwords.

But that is not always the case, so it is best to use a specific solution for this, as is the case at hand. Therefore, the truth is that HashPass can be very helpful if necessary. As we have mentioned, this is a password generator that converts texts into secure passwords . For all this, it provides us with a simple user interface that includes its own virtual keyboard.

Interfaz HashPass

How to create strong passwords with the program

Therefore, this is a virtual keyboard that we use through the mouse to select the corresponding letters. Of course, first of all we have to establish a master password for encryption as such. At the same time, for added security, the interface appears in random places on the screen as we click on the letters. It is also important to know that when we are not using the program, it is minimized in the system tray.

teclado HashPass

It should be borne in mind that there are certain types of malware that are able to detect keystrokes and use it for malicious purposes. They are known as keyloggers, so with this data entry system, HashPass avoids the risks posed by these. At the same time it avoids the data entry method used on normal keyboards. On the other hand, we will tell you that this data entry supports the drag and drop function, which means that personal data is not sent to the Windows clipboard.

Other HashPass security measures

How could it be otherwise, the developers of this program, due to its general purpose, have included all kinds of measures to take care of our security. Serve as an example that the program as such does not save our passwords created here. Similarly, it does not even store the master password that we generated in the beginning. To offer us the utility it presents, the program is based on hashing the text using an encrypted code.

In order to make it as useful and safe as possible, we have the choice between four different output formats. Therefore we can create secure passwords with letters, numbers, alphanumeric characters or special characters.

tipos contraseñas

The first thing we do to be able to take full advantage of the application as such, is open HashPass and configure a master password. Next we click on the Generate button. We do this by placing the cursor in the data box and typing something. Also from the first character, this content will be hidden and will appear in the form of small boxes. Once this is done and by clicking on the Generate button, HashPass will be minimized and will send the output value corresponding to the new password, to the clipboard.

At that time, the secure content that we have just created can be used with any website or service. As an example, we can use the name of the service or platform as a reference word. In addition, the passwords generated here are linked to the master password, so no one else will be able to know them, since it also acts as a key to decrypt the value’s hash. To give us an idea, if two people use this application, each one must have a different master password. Therefore, if both enter the same reference word, and the configuration is the same, the generated passwords will be different.

How to download HashPass for free

In the event that you have decided to use the program that we have spoken about to create secure passwords, say that you can use it without paying a euro. And it is that it is a free program that we can download from this link completely free of charge. In this way, we can have as many secure and encrypted passwords as we need without any problem.

Other alternatives to create strong passwords


Another proposal of this type that we can also draw on is Dashlane . This is a strong password creator that is characterized by its simplicity and efficiency. For this we only have to customize a series of parameters that will be taken into account when creating the key itself. Here we can specify the length of it, the types of characters that it will be able to be composed of, etc. You can try this program from here .


On the other hand, we can also benefit from this other similar alternative, such as the PasswordGenerator web application. Here we find a series of customization options for the resulting password. We find several options that we can mark, or not, and that refer to the types of characters that are going to be used to create the new password. We have the possibility to try all this that we comment from this link .